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Kool & the Gang

Robert "Kool" Bell(bass)1964-
Ronald Bell(tenor saxophone)1964-
Dennis "D.T." Thomas(alto saxophone)1964-
Claydes Charles Smith(guitar)1964-2006
George Brown(drums)1964-
Woody Sparrow(guitar)1964-1970
Ricky West(piano)1964-1976
Robert "Spike" Mickens(trumpet)1964-1986
Larry Gittens(trumpet)1975-
Clifford Adams(trombone)1977-2015
James "J.T." Taylor(lead vocals)1978-1988
Earl Toon(vocals, keyboards)1979-
Skip Martin(vocals, trumpet)1988-
Odeen Mays(vocals, keyboards)1988-
Gary Brown(vocals)1988-1992