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The Doobie Brothers

1970-1982, 1988-
Tom Johnston(vocals, guitar)1970-1977, 1988-
John Hartman(drums)1970-1979, 1988-
Patrick Simmons(guitar, vocals)1970-
Dave Shogren(bass)1970-1971
Tiran Porter(bass)1971-
Michael Hossack(drums)1971-1973, 1988-
Keith Knudsen(drums)1973-1982
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter(guitar)1974-1979
Michael McDonald(vocals, keyboards)1975-1982
John McFee(guitar)1979-1982
Chet McCracken(drums)1979-1982
Cornelius Bumpus(sax, keyboards)1979-1982
Bobby LaKind(percussion)1988-