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In February of 1964 America saw an influx of British pop musicians, but there's more to it than The Beatles, mop top haircuts, and the screaming girls who could hardly handle it (but let's face it - we all identify, don't we?). Over the last 50+ years, some of the lesser-known facts have fallen by the wayside. As a musicologist, I am responsible for keeping these facts circulating in the present day. A trying effort, but somebody's got to do it. Step into your Cuban-heeled boots. It's time to test your knowledge of the British Invasion.
~Carolyn Brunelle

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Comments: 9

easy thatTed from Sunderland
Dang! Missed one.James from Quebec
Great list of questions! I got more wrong than right and I loved the British Invasion.Michael Smith from Plymouth, Ma
Missed one. . Not too shabby.Ingrid from Arizona
Didn't know how much I knew,but was delighted to find out how much I didn't know! Great Job! Luv this appRoland from Amityville, Ny
4 wrong....... AaaaaghDavid from Auxonne, France
What about Billy Jay Kramer and the Dakotas? I was ready for anything about them.....Babio from Wisconsin
I got two wrong. One I should have known better.Jim from North Billerica, Ma
FINALLY aced a quiz! Of all the invasions The British Invasion one is my fave. Had me on the rope's a few times Carolyn, great questions.Chipp Ross from Pdx
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