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It's a time of randy Santas and flattened grandmas, reindeer stuck in traffic and destitute children who may not even know it's Christmas. However, if you've been to a mall, or anywhere near a radio, you know that holiday music is in full swing, and every year the Christmas playlist seems to grow longer than your shopping list.

So, while Santa is busy separating naughty from nice, see if you can separate fact from fiction...
~Jens T. Carstensen

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Comments: 3

I missed 3: one was because I misunderstood the question (they both released the song...just not a Top 5); one because I couldn't give a fig about rap; and one because, yeah, I'd love to believe he did.K.c. from Nh
I got one wrong, Damn you Chip Davis! :)Jim from North Billerica, Ma
missed twoWendell from Milton, Pe
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