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One great thing about rock concerts is that anything can happen. On-stage meltdowns, unfortunate animals, planning fiascos, fires, riots... sometimes, there's even music. And while events such as Altamont or Woodstock '99 will always be synonymous with full-scale concert disasters, these are hardly the only examples of rock concerts gone horribly / hilariously wrong. Test your knowledge with this quiz on legendary live music mishaps.

~J. T. Carstensen
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Comments: 5

I got 'em all right but I did have to guess at one. I remember reading about the U2 thing...and laughing.Jim from North Billerica, Ma
There was a stage collapse in Ottawa in 2011...Judah from Texas
I was at that Creed show. They sucked. I seen Guns and Roses, opening for Whitesnake, in 1988. Axle Rose was so high, he couldn't remember the lyrics to any of their songs and got booed off the stage: like three songs in. They tried to do a fourth song but the crowd wasn't having any of it.Nishar from Fayetteville Nc
I've heard em allAl from St Rose La.
9/10, missed the U2 one...Christian from Carrollton, Tx
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