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George Harrison earned a reputation as The Quiet Beatle, but those who knew him have lots of stories, often underscoring his compassion and humor. It's clear from the comments in the Apple Scruffs songfacts that he was a different kind of Rock Star, one who spent his life exploring larger themes. Friends and family describe George as a kind of spiritual aspirant - he had a deep fascination with meditation, mantras, gardening, and Indian music.

While John Lennon and Paul McCartney penned most of The Beatles repertoire, George contributed a song or two of his own to each record. After the group split up in 1970, George began releasing the contents of his own songbook, which had been under-represented on Beatles albums.

With the Martin Scorsese documentary Living in the Material World as a reference, we've assembled some true stories about George's life and music, along with a few embellishments. See if you can tell the difference.

George Harrison Songfacts
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Comments: 24

Never got the George thing. A vocal style that sounded like a nose full of snot. And a really mediocre guitar player stacked up against the masters of his generation. I'm glad Paul finally got frustrated with him in Let it Be. It was about time. He was weak. And as great as Here Comes the Sun and Something are...Blue Jay Way is a song that makes me want to stick a knitting needle in my ear.Mark from Toronto
I always loved George.I got 3 wrong! He was under-appreciated. I hope he found peace...Cantopop from Chicago
Some really good lyrics over the years... "There's one for you nineteen for me,cos I'm the taxman."...I believe they were taxed at 95% in those days so they got to keep one shilling(5p)for every Pound earnedChris J from Edinburgh
I really don't believe George had to mortgage his house to raise 4 million dollars for Monty Python. He would have that in his wallet.Lisa from Sydney, Australia
George was clever. Thanks to George, other pop musicians can be heard on Beatlesrecordings: Eric Clapton and Billy Preston. Brilliant move.Danielson from Belgium
was a Beatle in 1964, led me to a guitar in 1965. Still playing, still forcing those great songs on my children, and now piano-playing grandson. Hail to the Beatles! They were the only ones large enough to make Dylan take a different path. So much brilliance in the '60's, a magical time.Rick from Louisville
what's your email george ?Eva from Indonesia
Happy birthday today George again another one for me as well. Just allow me to Knight you myself after we soon talk it over under your favorite spell. Twenty Five FebruaryTodd Toohey from San Luis Valley In Southern Colorado Usa
George was a talent within himself, he only wrote classic song that were simple on the ear a true masterAlan Lindsay from Manchester, England
I started playing guitar because of George. Thank You George you are my heroImtiaz from India
The lead guitar break in"Something"(Abbey Road) proves that George is still aliveJohn Kolberg from Monona,wi 53716, Wi
George was my favorite Beatle! I love learning more and more about him. He seemed like such an interesting person.Anna from Pennsylvania
George speaking to Macca "hi Paul is that a vegetarian leather jacket?" PricelessAlan Wilkinson from Northumberland Uk
Músicas de George são as minhas preferidas, Here come the sun!!!Jose Nogueira from São Paulo Brasil
The Scorcese documentary is excellent. Listening to George, and especially to those closest to him, there's no doubt this was a man making his way toward enlightenment - never mind whether he got there or not this time around. A brilliant, talented, witty, flawed and deeply caring man. How great that he was part of our lifetime.Carmen from Seattle, Wa
@ Dannie: now we know who's got the collection...omw to Goshen!Maxwell Silver Hammer from Strawberry Field
George was so great as a writer and vocalist.John from Philadelphia, Pa
It's always nice to hear the stories behind the songs, trivial facts no matter, it helps you appreciate the songs much much more.Mike from Philippines
I always appreciated Harrison's music. Now I have a much greater consideration of him as a human being. Thanks for the factsJulio from Peru
I'm the biggest George Harrison fan ever and I only got two questions wrong! GASP! How did that happen??? Anyways, George is my favorite Beatle ever. I have Living in The Material World, his autobiography I Me Mine(I read the book four times, definately one of my fave books), and I have tons of Vinyl Beatles records(every single one) at home along with All Things Must Pass the remastered CD. I knew that George was my favorite after I heard the song "Something" on Abbey Road and I was hooked. Now, George is my hero! I love ya, George and we all miss ya!Dannie from Goshen, Ny
George was my favorite Beatle, and I am also a huge Eric Clapton fan so I knew the majority of these questions.Ted from Pittsburgh, Pa
My wife and myself tend to listen to George's material more so than The Beatles these days. Also, I have recently joined a band as lead guitarist playing Beatle's covers. Normally a bass player, I am really struggling with George's guitar work. The man has again gone up in my estimations.Alan from Bath, United Kingdom
My favorite Beatle. He had such a distinct sound and style. especially his slide work.Jim from North Billerica, Ma
hey you learn a little every dayJeff from Wilmington,, De
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