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Graduation Day, 2002. I remember the airless high school auditorium. I remember the sea of caps and gowns. I remember moving the tassel from right to left (or is that left to right?). I remember the pomp. I remember the circumstance. I don't remember the class song. That one bit of freedom to stray from tradition is completely wiped from my memory. Maybe we went old school with "School's Out" or got sentimental over "I'll Be There For You." Maybe we secretly hated each other and opted for "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" or loved each other and picked it anyway.

In a bid to jog my memory, let's look at some popular graduation songs. Can you separate the fact from the fiction? (And don't forget to tell us your graduation song!)

    About the Author:

    Amanda FlinnerAmanda is a freelance writer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a degree in English/Writing from Geneva College (Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania). When she's not listening to jazz and pop standards from the '40s and '50s, she's obsessing over classic movies. She has no musical ability whatsoever except for a short stint as a saxophone player in the sixth grade.More from Amanda Flinner
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Comments: 2

Graduation in thre UK mainly refers to the ceremony of awarding Degree Certificates following university Finals. The concept of "High School Gradusation" is almost unknown in the UK.
The song I associate with universities is Gaudiamus Igatur - brought to popular notice in the Hollywood film The Student Prince. Singing this song is a German tradition, not a British one.
Ian Donaldson from Bristol
Not sure how some of these songs relate to Graduation, but that is OK, it was fun, although I did have to guess on a few of them. Only one wrong though.

And Beaver Falls, PA is the birthplace of none Other than "Broadway" Joe Namath
Jim from North Billerica, Ma
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