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Think back to the early '70s for a moment, shall we? If you turned on AM radio, took a gander at the charts, or looked at a local concert listing, such feel-good, easy-to-digest musical acts as John Denver, the Carpenters, and America were the popular flavors. And then... there was Kiss. Specializing in high-decibel rock anthems, pyro-heavy live shows and mega-merchandising, the band refused to display their naked mugs to the press, creating an air of mystery and rampant rumors - some of which were true.

Although the best known (and many feel definitive) Kiss line-up featured Paul "Starchild" Stanley, Ace "Spaceman" Frehley, Gene "Demon" Simmons, and Peter "Cat" Criss, the band has endured countless members coming and going over the years, and even - rather unwisely - unmasked and pursued more radio friendly sounds during the '80s. And since the band based their personas on fantasy, it's sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction...
~Greg Prato

Fact or Fiction: Classic Metal
Kiss Songfacts
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Comments: 16

Cool quiz. The need to be in Rock and Roll HOF for all the bands they inflenced. They even took Rush on tour when they where new.Jenny Tailya from Toronto, Ontario
Didn't do so hot, but learned some new things about KISS so that was cool.Djdee from Indianapolis
nice quiz...some facts i didn't knowDusty from Originally - Ohio
I misread the drummer question, missed the 'nearly' in there so I got that one wrong.Reyos from Windsor, On
I got the solos question wrong too, which I'm fine with, knowing that it had NOTHING to do with KISS, it's not a Melvins quiz. Vixen, all females, also opened for KISS on the Hot in the Shade tour.Wes Stover from Huxley
I just listened to The interview between Gene Simmons and Terry Gross. She is trying to play the condescending intellectual and he is having none of it.Jim from North Billerica, Ma
I got one wrong. The solo albums question. I thought the questions would be more difficult.Tony from Canada
Jarod is (near) right ... The MELVINS EP's are not solo albums or EP's ... as far as I do remember it well (I already sold the vinyls) it were just 3 MELVINS EP's (as a band) with KISS inspired "album covers" ...Jelle Jansen from Netherlands
Funny! But not so difficult ;)Popz from Italy
Italy Rock Nation!Pasqualino from Italy
Anymore questions? That was fun.Jim Redmond from Georgetown
Being a former KISS fan I did well, but missed 3. Did not know that PETA had no problems with Gene Simmons spitting blood, that they were not the only 70s music artist to have a pinball machine and that they were not the only group to have solo albums released in one day by all of the members.Richard F. from Watertown,ny
"Anyone who tells you they got into rock n' roll for reasons other than girls, fame and money is full of [*oops*]."Mark from Queens,ny
The question was "Kiss is the only band to have solo albums by all of their members released concurrently." This is fact. Even in the description, it says The Melvins issued solo EP's, not ALBUMS. Also calling Mini KISS a tribute "band" is misleading as they don't actually play their instruments.Jarod from Houston, Tx
your right and i miss those days when kiss was trying to breakoutDennis Lee
too easy!Rex Salyers from Myrtle Beach,s.carolina