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Which Songs are About Drugs?

"Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds": totally about drugs, right? The initials even spell it out for you: LSD! Well, not according to John Lennon, who innocently based the song on a drawing his son Julian made in preschool. (Julian's teacher's name: Lucy).

And "Lucy" is hardly alone in being (mis-)interpreted this way; a lot of people just can't say no to thinking that any song with cryptic lyrics is some sort of drug anthem. Considering the subject matter, it can be hard to tell fact from fiction...
~Jens T. Carstensen

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As a sidenote, we don't really believe that "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" isn't about drugs. Lennon stuck with his story, but who knows if he would have come clean had he lived. Paul, Ringo and Yoko might be the only ones who can definitively answer this question, and we tried to ask Yoko, but her publicist knocked the question down before it could get to her.
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Comments: 22

Creative people get things from the world around them, and if John Lennon caught the Irony of LSD being in the name of Julian's painting, so be it! The whole feeling and lyrics of the song is like tripping. Artists prefer to leave drug connections out of it.Hawker from Connecticut
Ten right, two wrong, but unlike the others who commented, I had to guess on every single one. Who truly knows for sure what a song is about besides the person who wrote it?Pamela from Nj
Let's correct some of these answers: Yes, America was formed in London, but the members were American. Their fathers were in the military stationed in the UK. As for Lucy in the Sky - yes, the LSD acronym was not intentional, and Lucy, Julian's classmate (not teacher) was the subject of his painting, but the song is still very clearly inspired by acid with acid imagery.Hans from Cambridge, Ma
10 right 2 wrong. Last two I had to guess. Never heard them. Shame on me. lolRazz from Toledo, Ohio
I thought that "And She Was" was about a woman being pregnant. The album had a general theme around raising kids. She was floating because she was so happy to be having a child. I could be wrong.Jerry from Indiana
John Forgerty was and is still heavily against drugs. He has stated that he can count the times, he has smoken weed, with one hand (max. 5 times) and he has never performed drunk.Ketil from Denmark
Got 5 myself, others were guesses. Agree w tr from fla. No John, No Beatles. Really, I've got to get you into my life is about smoking pot. Makes a lame song, lamerCeleste from Erie, Pa
4 wrong...but I only dropped acid in my younger days!Scott
Lucy was Julian's classmate ,not his teacher.Pete from Madison, Wi
I got 5 right and 7 wrong. Ok... English language is not my native language...Vagnão from Campinas - Brazil
I got 7 right, most were guesses, some of the songs I never heard of.
I was surprised that "Puff The Magic Dragon" wasn't on the list.
Don Ebberts from Anaheim, Ca
3 wrong, but in my defense, I've never even heard 2 of the songs referenced (#s 8 & 12). Also, in regards to "Lucy", Doug from Stoudsburg got it right; I remember reading that Julian Lennon helped the real Lucy with her medical expenses near the end.Karen from Manchester, Nh
9 right, 3 wrong, though some were 'lucky' guesses.Pete from Blackpool, England
9 Correct and 3 wrong! not badHenry from London, England
8 correct, 4 wrong. I'm usually like everybody else. That's strange... well, might be that... hummm... is everybody else high right now? 'cause I'm not!James from Vidalia, Ga
Got 4 out of 8 rightLynn from Las Vegas
Man, I wish I hadn't have read this. "Got to get you into my Life" has been the one Beatles song that I loved all my life. Very disappointing but then again with the Beatles, it figures.Tr from Fl.
YOLOBlair from Kentucky
I got 5 right and 7 wrong. Ow.Sioraf As Na Cillini from Ireland
I failed miserably on this! (I kept choosing "fiction") I want to hear Paul McCartney's Ode to Chocolate. For now, we have George's "Savoy Truffle", which is literally about a box of candy. As Yoko is a conceptual artist, if you were to ask her about Lucy on her Ask Yoko Fridays on twitter, she would probably say something along the lines of "What do you think it means?"Ekristheh from Halath
Paul McCartney in a recent interview insisted that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was not about drugs. The Lucy mentioned in the song died four years ago and the obituaries insisted she had inspired a drawing by Julian Lennon that later became the basis of the song. I don't know that I believe it, but I doubt you'll get anyone to say otherwise.Doug from Stroudsburg, Pa
A Fun Quiz although in a million years I never would have guessed that "Got to get you into my life" was about pot.Jim from North Billerica, Ma