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The '90s was a good decade for female singers. From soulful R&B to dirty grunge to pop-country crossovers, every genre had a variety of distinctive voices (with a fair amount of one-hit wonders thrown into the mix). You may have the lyrics and the dance moves down decades later, but how much do you really know about '90s female singers?

Try the '90s Music Quiz.

    About the Author:

    April FoxFrom Asheville, North Carolina, April is the author of Object Permanence and Spine. Family legend says that before she could even stand on her own, she would dance in her walker to the sound of bands like Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. Her dancing skills have not improved since then, but she has maintained a healthy love for good, loud music, with her tastes running mostly toward grunge, punk, psychedelic rock, and most things with alt- in front of them.More from April Fox
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Comments: 5

Great QuizzCollin M. Williams from Swakopmund,erongo Namibia
Not bad quiz got about 50 per cent correct but was in jail most of the 90,sLee Wood from Kent
This was my teen era and I thought I'd crush this thing, but only got 6 of 10! Ha. Good quiz, I learned a lot of stuff I didn't know. (P.S. I hold Brooks' Bitch as the ultimate female singer-songwriter song of that era; summed up so much of the era's attitude musically and socially)Jeff from Tacoma, Washington
good quiz! i missed a few!Don from Michigan
I missed some. Good quiz!Jaytheist from Nc
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