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Lyrics Quiz: 2016 Rock Hall Inductees

Cheap Trick, N.W.A., Steve Miller, Chicago, Deep Purple, and Burt Berns earned their way into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 2016. See if you can identify their lyrics.

~Karen Heeringa

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Comments: 9

I got 2 correctChristina Lynn Kalman from Mankato,minnesota
That was funKimberly from Westlea
To paraphrase... "If missin' two was wrong... I don't wanna be right"Uncle Ray from Lancaster, Pa
Strangely the only answer that I got wrong was the Deep Purple Knocking at Your Backdoor. I hit all the rest, but in some case it was just fortune.Claudio Morellato from Aviano, Italy
That was fun!Sherry from Volo
Aced 'em all!Neil Rubin from Miami Beach, Florida
Missed three know more about the songs then I thoughtCheryl from Coalinga, Ca
Same! Missed 1 Deep Purple, somehow got lucky on NWA. Knew all the rest.Milt from Minnesota
Wow...how insane is this: I only got one wrong, and it was the Deep Purple one! I thought for sure I'd get one of the rap ones wrong!K.c. from Nh
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