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You know the songs: they've saturated the airwaves and some have haunted the Billboard charts all year long. But how well do you really know the hits of 2015? Take our lyrics quiz and find out.

    About the Author:

    Amanda FlinnerAmanda is a freelance writer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a degree in English/Writing from Geneva College (Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania). When she's not listening to jazz and pop standards from the '40s and '50s, she's obsessing over classic movies. She has no musical ability whatsoever except for a short stint as a saxophone player in the sixth grade.More from Amanda Flinner
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Comments: 32

love these songs 10/10Re'ana from Miami,fl
9/10Elizabeth from Miami,fl
6/10Collin M. Williams from Swakopmund,erongo Namibia
4/10Jyrah from 2017
Good quizCharlotte Oliver from Durham
love that quiz make one for 2017Giovanni from Wesly Chaple Fl
10/10Lucinda from Australia
9/10Ellie from Hdibdh
10/10Barbara from La
9/10Jeremy C from London
god I was crapEllie from 8uuu
Well I know too muchAbel from Usa
i got all of them right! awesomeKaylin Carter from Baltimore, Maryland
I missed 1 so 9/10Keira from Wales
missed one this is like childhood memory even know it was last yearEmma from Utah
ugggggggg i missed 4, man i need to work on that!Mak from Oklahoma
Good game some had me fooledAshley from Haddington
I got them all correct easiest test everEnow Agbor from Ohio
i loved it i got 8/10 i missed 2 songs s bad better luck next timeShenequa from Mckinney Texas
8/10 enjoyed it????Poppy-may from Saalbach Austria
i liked this quiz, there were a few challenging ones.Cecelia from Nonya
no congrats? i got them all right!Cheap Whore from Las Vegas, Nevada
10/10Sean from La
got everything correct what do i winLizzie from Harlow
I got 9/10 I got the neyo ft Pitbull one wrongZazisso from Espanol
I got every single one.... except the last one because I didnt know if one direction or justin beiber sang the song. Because i don't listen to either of them. 9/10 hahahaNathan L from Washington
i got all them allMalina from Uk
Nailed it!Ashwa from Mars
Missed one!!!!Brooklyn from Arkansas
I rocked this!Bree from My Living Room
those where great questionsAmiya from Allentown
i nailed this all rightPoppy French from My Bed
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