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We all know what a long, strange trip it's been since the 60's, when Alice grew to ten feet tall and everyone was living in a sunshine daydream. Psychedelia never really died, though; trippy lyrics can be found on albums from every generation, then to now. Can you name the artists behind these psychedelic lyrics?

~April Fox

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Comments: 20

Very cool quizDenise from Pa
some of those were purely guessesKen from Oregon
The Pink Floyd and Simon and Garfunkel were the only two that I didn't have to guess. Score 5 right, 5 wrong.Cindy from California
My mind hurts!Zabadak from That London
decent quiz with some odd turns. cool that you included syd!!Circe801 from Rock Hill, Sc
Good job.Charlie from Va
Good oneSue from Wigan
what a long strange trip it has beenAmerican David from New Zealand
Very difficult but enjoyable!! Love this site!!Stacey Moore from Sarasota, Fla.
I think I've learnt some good things todayHazel from Valencia- Spain.
8/10...got Silver Machine by Hawkwind wrong. I was thinking "Strange Brew" by Cream! The other one I missed, Third Eye by Tool, I didn't really know.Richard Kartis from Co
very tough....7 outta 10.Steve Rod from Lower Upper Florida
5/10 well it is psychedelic, in my universe the answers were right.Breadvan from Inside My Ping Pong Ball
That was a lot harder than I thought it would be! But I didnt do too bad! Yea I had a couple guesses going on too!!Millicen from Michigan
toughTootie from Mi
9 out of 10, baby. I've never even heard of the band Hawkwind, so I'm glad I dropped in to take this one. I got me some new listening!Jeff from Lacey, Washington
8 out of 10, and a few correct ones were guesses!Neil from Iowa City
7 out of 10...not too bad, considering I guessed at most of them.Gregg from Moreau, New York, U.s.a.
Holy Crap, this was a tough one, I only got 6 right!Jim from North Billerica, Ma
4 out of 6......mehAngela from Port Moody
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