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In anticipation of the 40-year anniversary of The Last Waltz, we present this lyric quiz about The Band.

Try the Bob Dylan lyrics quiz.
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Comments: 7

Was toughFafa from Kenya
We did not know how good we had it. I want to go back.Rebecca from Ann Arbor
Love The Band!Zabo from Pgh, Pa.
The genre is so old that is quite difficult to remember..but is is OKMika Moilanen from Ylivieska
All correct...been listening to The Band for 47+ yearsJim from Illinois
I got three wrong ???? I love the band but haven't listened lately???? bad girl. I go through stages of listening to different artists as I have a wide range of genre's one of which is Jack Savoretti his music gives a physical sensation making you experience it insideDot from England
I got two wrong. Not bad since I hadn't heard too many Band songs in a while. But they do stick with you.Jim from Mobile, Al
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