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They call it Bongolese, the secret language Bono mutters to capture the feeling of a song before the lyrics take shape. What arises may be a love song, a protest anthem, a spiritual outpouring, or a cry for social change. As U2 celebrates the 30th anniversary of their Joshua Tree album with a 2017 tour, we revisit the band's diverse catalog to bring you this lyric quiz.

U2 Songs
U2 Fact or Fiction

    About the Author:

    Amanda FlinnerAmanda is a freelance writer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a degree in English/Writing from Geneva College (Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania). When she's not listening to jazz and pop standards from the '40s and '50s, she's obsessing over classic movies. She has no musical ability whatsoever except for a short stint as a saxophone player in the sixth grade.More from Amanda Flinner
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Comments: 8

Great quiz. Easy for us U2 fans...haha. Is there an expansion of the idea? Board game probably?Peter S from Australia
Got every one right without google!James from Usa
9 out of 10. Not BAD ar all...Remon from Netherlands
Full marks. Easy peasy!!Dw from Arb
7/10: Well not bad...Carmelo from Genoa, Italy
Only 7 out of 10. Not good. Fun quiz though.Al from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Should have done a little bit better. Had fun playing the quiz.Dave Watson from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Nine out of Ten correct....missed the last one, probably because the Songs of Innocence album was not widely played...The Rube from Miami Beach, Florida
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