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Wherefore Art Thou Romeo Lyric

Shakespeare has been a source of lyrical inspiration since around 1600, and none of his characters is more popular in song than Romeo, the doomed lover of Juliet (although Ophelia comes close). See if you can identify which artists put Romeo in one of their popular songs.

Here's our list of Shakespeare-inspired songs
July 3, 2018

    About the Author:

    Carl WiserCarl was a disc jockey in Hartford, Connecticut when he founded Songfacts as a way to tell the stories behind the songs. You can also find him on Rock's Backpages.More from Carl Wiser
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Comments: 2

A really enjoyable quiz and helps with a tad bit musical memories and great questions.Alex Riddick from Montclair
No love for Romeo Delight off Van Halen's Women and Children First? Too heavy for Songfacts? Great quiz non the less!Chipp Ross from Pdx
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