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The 2000s was the Worst Decade for Music. Ever.

Let's look at some of the many ways the 2000s tanked musically. Sure, we can look on the sunny side and find the silver lining - but those linings came with some very dark clouds that washed out the musical landscape. Based on input from the Songfacts Community, here's a consensus of what happened in the 2000s music scene that rubbed us the wrong way.


The scourge of music technology! The most hated development in music since disco, Auto-Tune is that digital process which "corrects" pitch in vocal and instrumental performances. Now anybody can "sing"! Actually, your voice gets partially replaced with a robot voice. And it sounds that way. The more off-key you are, the more the robot voice takes over. You can literally record your dog, run it through Auto-Tune, and have a barking, singing robot. Of course, the technology will become more fine-tuned and less noticeable over the decades to come, so that we'll all eventually be listening to seemingly-perfect vocals with nothing but cold machinery behind them, and actual human singing will become a feat no more remarkable than playing a chess computer to a draw.

American Idol and Guitar Hero

Harmless, right? After all, it's just plain good fun, isn't it? Well, sort of. Winners of American Idol and players of the Guitar Hero / Rock Band series of video games start to think of themselves as musicians on the same level as professionals - and American Idol contestants get treated that way by the media, until the next season. Our beef is with the amateur-hour effect on music - and the fact that more bands are making their music "Guitar-Hero friendly," in the hopes of spreading their fame through the game. This causes the intricate solos to be replaced by Fisher-Price 1-2-3-4 riffs that a toddler could play.

Network Decay

Speaking of television, have you noticed that all TV channels start out with a specific category of content, and then they all gradually mush into the same pot of cognitively impaired "reality" shows? So, MTV and VH1, as you expand from one to two to five channels, could you, I dunno, show just one music video? Like, per year? Just humor us on this.

Music Genres We're Sick Of

Grunge is the cockroach of rock; it does not evolve because it accidentally found the perfect survival strategy the first time, so now it only needs to worry about reproducing itself as fast as possible. Emo, nu-metal, and sludge are all pretty widely hated and yet adored by a tiny cult. Good rap and hip-hop are awesome, but... is there any left? They're losing steam. Seriously! Go out and shock people again, rap and hip-hop! House/dance/techno is disappearing up its own derivative backside. And, oh, country, pop, and gospel get picked on, but no different from any other decade. Goth is still stuck in Hot Topic, and the more goths complain about Hot Topic, the more we see shopping there.


Everybody hates hipsters, which is silly, because hipsterdom is based on hating yourself. We should be caging them with Juggalos and making them fight to their death, except they'd both enjoy it too much (for opposite reasons, of course).

The Old Guys are Still Popular

Think about that. Do you know why Ozzy, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Cure are still touring and finding a new generation of fans? It's because we haven't found a replacement yet! This is painful and embarrassing. We're going to end up with Ozzy hobbling out onto the stage (The Canceled Retirement Tour 2033) with a walker and a colostomy bag going, "You haven't found anybody to fill my shoes yet? I'm bloody tired!"

The Good Really Did Die Young

Now, has anybody noticed how music in the 2000s felt as if something were eerily... missing? It's almost like we had a lost decade there, where culture should have moved forward. Like there's a hole. Well, here's your answer. Between AIDS and drugs, a whole generation of musical talent got wiped out. Here's a list of just some prominent prodigies of music who overdosed on heroin, and the ages they would be in 2010, had they not checked out:

Kurt Cobain, Nirvana (42)
Bradley Nowell, Sublime (41)
Sid Vicious, Sex Pistols (52)
Layne Staley, Alice in Chains (42)
Andrew Wood, Mother Love Bone (43)
Jonathan Melvoin, Smashing Pumpkins (48)
Bobby Sheehan, Blues Traveler (41)
Hillel Slovak, Red Hot Chili Peppers (47)

There's the hole! Each of these would most likely have had the peaks of their careers during the 2000s. Sure, others stepped in to fill their absence. But what could we have had, if they'd stuck around?

The Music Business Went to War with Music Fans

From the notorious Sony/BMG rootkit (which they will never live down, and rightly so) and other draconian DRM schemes, to the outrageous and frivolous lawsuits of the RIAA, an attempt was made by big business to enslave music itself. So much so, that musicians actually turned to distributing their content online - even for free! Turning their back on the path to stardom and fame, because they, like the consumers, were tired of getting screwed and back-stabbed by the industry. Can you imagine that there was a time when you could just buy a record and play it for a houseful of friends, or make a mix tape of your favorite songs from your CD collection, and not fear being sued for millions and having your life ruined? That day must come again, if music is ever to draw a free breath.

Mixed Curses

Now, here's some developments that had a con to each pro:

The digital age, along with all its blessings, also kind of killed the album. Oh, yes, albums are still out there. But they're getting to be a rare expenditure. Remember (or ask grandpa if he remembers) the beauty of a gatefold double-album LP that came with a book of lyrics and awesome cover art and maybe graphics, photos, and other feelies? You're going to miss that more and more. A 99-cent single download to your iPod just doesn't feel the same. It's harder to wrap up 1s and 0s and give it to someone for Christmas.

MP3s became the default, most portable music file format... but come on, let's admit that it's also the lowest quality format you could have. Almost anything sounds better, and yes, now that we have fancy media players and better speakers, we can hear the difference.

The new digital distribution culture gave music freedom from industry - but at a price. That price is: "Have you heard Deliberately Obscure Album Title by Band You Never Knew Existed? It totally rocks!" Without the support network of big labels, studios, and radio networks, huge bands are coming and going out there with only a fraction of the population hearing about them. Add to that the massive improvements in technology so that now you can literally record in your garage and distribute over the Internet, and we have hundreds of start-up bands on our too-listen-to list that we may never discover. Indie music suffers the same problem as all indie media.

Bands Everybody Hates

By reading the comments on our forums, drawing Tarot cards and shaking tea leaves, we've compiled this list of artists almost universally hated by the people who pay attention. Of course, it's a subjective opinion.

Nickelback We don't even have to explain this one. And we aren't going to try. If you don't know this one, ask around. Exercise will do you good.

Britney Spears In the '90s, we only hated Spears because of her music. But in the '00s, we have more of the same music to hate her for, and in addition she also started to do a lot of talking, which made everyone hate her more.

Soulja Boy "Soulja Boy play Tic Tac TOOOOE, Soulja Boy rake with a HOOOOE, Soulja Boy done stub 'is TOOOOE, To the toilet got to GOOOO" (dink dunk duh duh, dink dunk duh duh).

Fall Out Boy This is your music on Ritalin. Any questions? By the way, we have to mention their video for "I Don't Care" - because nothing says "bad boy who needs to be spanked and sent to bed without supper" like mimicking a street-mime, showing your wilted little dinger on the street to disgusted ladies, and fighting an old man for his walker.

Backstreet Boys/ Nsync Haven't we been complaining about these guys since the Bronze Age? Why are they still here?

Miley Cyrus/ Jonas Brothers The next generation of the above entry, courtesy of that gorgon of American media that fouls all that it touches. We're talking about you, Mickey.

Performers Everybody Hates

As opposed to the perceived lack of talent in the above paragraphs, these are the artists people hate more for their off-stage antics than on:

Lil' Wayne/ Kanye West We get that the goal of bad boy rappers isn't to make friends, but we can't find any socially redeeming qualities for these two no matter how hard we look. By the way, there's a famous meme here (started at an awards ceremony) that we am not invoking. You're welcome! No, don't say it! Stop that! Arrrrgh! We can hear you thinking it!

Fred Durst He's the Limp Bizkit front-man. First there's the asinine attitude where he's constantly getting into fights with other nu-metalers. Next, he claims to have gotten "nookie" from both Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, who have both come forward to say that did not, in fact, happen. Now he secretly tapes himself having sex and posts it online without the woman's consent - gee, Fred, you wouldn't be insecure about anything, would you? Now add the legal charges - assault, battery, reckless driving (hit two people), and making a criminal threat, for which an Orange County, California court gave him a slap on the wrist - and it becomes evident that he's just a rude, mean jerk. Remember what Bill Murray said about Mr. Peck towards the end of Ghostbusters? That's what we think must be Fred Durst's problem.

Metallica Oh, how the mighty have fallen! 1980s Metallica: Ass-kicking metal gods. 2000s Metallica: Wimpy, whining wet blankets.

Prince Another fallen mighty. Prince, the once-inventor of "the Minnesota sound," has now tumbled all the way to being an egomaniac jerk who throws hissy fits about what you call him, sues mommies for daring to use his music in the background when they post their baby dancing to it on YouTube, and has become quite pushy about his new religion.

Lady Gaga We're going to reserve a spot here. She's kind of new on the scene, give her time. But lots of people seem not to like her already. Yeah, she's parading around in goofball costumes that look like she rolled in glue, sprinted through Toys-R-Us, and wore whatever stuck. Yes, she's been over-provocative. But what do you want? She's a pop diva! Would you show up at a Motorhead concert and complain because it's too loud?
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Comments: 169

I would say the good music that came out of the 00's really book-ended the decade, with artists rehashing forgotten genres from as far back as the 70's, the second coming of krautrock and psychedelic rock spurred by artists like Radiohead in 2001 with Kid A and Insomniac and Tame impala with his 2010 LP Innerspeaker. in the UK in 2007 we saw the the birth and subsequent death of Dubstep via the south London boroughs artists like Mala, Coki, Benga and Skream. This was an exciting time, and in France they saw a boom in the House scene with Daft Punk and Justice. Not all entirely bad but again, not golden era by far...Oli from London Uk
So, there was good music in all decades, and some pretty bad also. Nowadays, we should be worried that mainstream music seems always the same, losing quality both in lyrics and instrumental. I just end up listening to music that only a small percentage of music fans listen to because every time I turn the radio on it's always the same thing (even though there is some tolerable pop out there). In regard to the 2000's, some of my favourite bands are from there, even though there was some s--tty music back then. You just gotta find the right music and try not to be always pissed because of what other people decide to listen to. And please, stop dissing genres such as metal, hardcore or emo (or any music genre, actually) because I'm sure that who does that doesn't understand that music can be interpreted in many ways, in order to pass a message, and I'm positive that whoever does that hasn't gave the music genre a real try, not listening to the good stuff of that genre.Someone from Uk
I've been Reading couple of these articles about how Music was so s--t a few years ago.

WELCOME TO 2017 (and counting)!!!
Where the kids/teens listen to trash. Where "songs" composed of the two Words "Gucci" and "Gang" is repeated throughout 90% of the lyrics.
. Style and fashion of the old days are being rejected and replaced With clothes that are mostly holes, and the hairstyles of a few is coloured in the most s--ttiest colours ever!
Music is just copied from earlier scores, songs are being productplacements for stupid/silly Products".

Atleast in the media.
There are good songs out there, but they are hidden very well.
The Human culture has blacked out. there is no hope at the moment.

- Håkon from Stavanger (Age 18)
Håkon from Stavanger
Britney Spears from 1999-2001 was good and then all of it just quickly spiralled down hill in to complete utter trash. The complete detoriation of music happened in 2007 , with the appearance of Miley Cyrus.
Madonna went from the melodic tunes of her 80s phase to the soulless sounding robot of the 2000s.
Andrew from Washington
Rap was under ground in the 80s and I bated it then and now. Almost everything has been done so where does music go? To me hip hop and rap is wore out and brainless. But theiron maidens black sabbaths rolling stones........ all good music is now replaced by computer music or stealing someone else's idea and looping it over and over with mumbling words that may or may not rhyme. And the sad thing is the truly talented (musicians) will not be seen except on youtube. This kiddies is what you get nowadays coputerized boring generic music. Parents who are 40or older have your kids listen to some stones or the who or Alice Cooper deep purple early ozzy solol stuff with Rr ect....eft... wake up deaf children!Mw from Watervlieit Mich
I;m sorry, but the 80's were the worst and I grew up in the 80's. Most of it was pure s--t. It was wasn't until teh middle 90's when music became very diverse that it got some great bands. Particularly aorund 1996, 97 when OzFest started. Yes, I liked Metallica, and a few other bands during the 80's and I liked some Nirvana and Alice in Chains, but late 90's through about 2013 was great. Now it is just watered down bulls--t. I'm waiting for the next revolution of music like that which may never come again.John from Missouri
I think 9/11 and the Illuminati conspiracy fear mongering are might have been the reason why we are experiencing the worst music of today. The reason why we are stuck with Nicki minaj, drake, Justin bieber and more rather than Michael Jackson, nirvana, tapuc, biggie, etc.Alonzo Marquis Gray from Monrovia, California
hate all music after 1989Sid from Hitker
This is pretty stupid as well as kinda halarious. Granted, every decade seems to be hated for music until like 20 years have passed. While we look back on how good the 70's and 80's music are nowadays, we seem to forget just how despised those decade's were back then especially how hated disco got.Me from Somewhere
"the digital age" is the only valid point here what the f-ck
i agree with everything that Beck from Washington said.
Ally from England
How bout this.
Worst decade for music = All of them
Best decade for music = All of them
C.a.m from U.s
The '10s aint over yet. We got some amazing albums in 2016 (Twin Peaks-Down In Heaven, David Bowie-Blackstar, Megadeth-Dystopia),and seem to be getting mor in 2017 (Blondies Pollinator should be good, The Jesus and Mary Chain just realesed something, Depeche Modes Spirit was pretty good). Punk had a pretty good run in '16 too (Decendants, Against Me!, NOFX, Green Day), and underground music like garage can never die, thats the point of it being underground. It sucks when people write off todays music without even giving it a try, i would have never found out about Twin Peaks or Clutch if i had done that. The mainstream music industry is in tatters, but the underground is thriving.Beck from Washington
Sid Vicious?Adam from San Diego
Shouldn't the soft rock and other easy favorites from the decade be here? I think that music sucks.Matt from Florida
Shouldn't a 2001-2015 guns n roses be here?Bob from Guatemala
Amy Winehouse and John Mayer, the only 2000's music I listen toMartin from Peru
The Black Keys are freaking awesome. What about bands like Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews?! They missed sone good ones on this list. Smashing pumpkins.... Billy Joel, Green day!Bobby from New York
I thought the earlier 2000's had some great music. It still felt like the 1990's...lolBab2781 from Washington
Always thought the "everybody hates"/"nobody likes" hyperbole was funny; if "everybody hates" those artists, then why do they each have millions of fans? XD!Kat Thefanenthusiast from Hong Kong
Yes, the 90's made better music than the 2000's, but good 2000's music was NOT nonexistent. The Patriot Act-emboldened-FCC and the Mall of America raped creativity. After the rape, "Talent Shows" stepped in to sterilize anyone coming up with a spark of emotion. The continued (already exponential) rise of shopping culture/consumer debt not only made Americans financially poorer during a time when their incomes stagnated (ignored thanks to available consumer credit), but it created a cultural void.

Off that low note, there were some major musical talents in the 2000's. Amy Winehouse, The White Stripes, OutKast, and Eminem were especially memorable, and the latter could be nominated for a Nobel Prize in Poetry. The opening riff on Seven Nation Army is one of the most well-known in rock. And don't forget Kid A (2000) by Radiohead, Is This It (2001) by The Strokes, Get Rich or Die Tryin (2003) by 50 Cent, or Favorite Worst Nightmare (2006) by The Arctic Monkeys. America's cultural void didn't stop English artists.

But for the most part, there was very little emotional depth or wit on the radio, on TV, or anywhere else in the malignant mass media.

-From a 2000s teenager
Sin Nombre from Usa
Like everything under the sun all things ebbs and flows- there are golden ages and dark ages- then comes in a renaissance. I was born in the 80s and I understand when people complain that the music the youngsters listen to just plain sucks- I remember my father liking some of the music I played- I was stealing my older siblings cds- Music was still universal when I was growing. Now we are in a dark age with music. It was good for a long time now it sucks and we have to accept that- it will be back like everything else. There are fashion periods that are beautiful and periods that make you think WTF was everybody thinking. I remember in the 80s watching an awards show stars from the 50s to then were all sitting in the audiences- new sounds and movements in terms of dance were happening- nothing is new right now. NOTHING. I am optimistic humans will find a new sound/s, new movement/s. It just sucks for now.Kitty from Nyc
Born early 90's, for fogey-context.

Every generation is the worst generation. Every generation is the best generation. I love and hate new music today and I love and hate old music. Learning to set yourself into the sonic qualities of a generation allows you to appreciate it so much more. Growing up I couldn't stand 80's s--tty-drum machine pop, but now I love it. I thought Bob Dylan was some talent-less, rambling dude on a guitar but now I love his voice and his absolute mastery of imagery and story in his lyrics. I thought Kanye was a ego-centric bastard...well, he is, but his music is still really good.

How many nameless, 1-hit acts were there in every generation previous, that just rode the popularity wave and then were forgotten as they deserved to be? And how many people just listened to what was popular because it was on the radio?

"Radio's all play the same stuff" Well yeah, they need to make money. Radio has to play something that will catch your attention within 5-10 seconds of you switching to a channel. Of course they're going to play the same stuff. (I think everyone has shorter attention spans nowadays, not just the younger generation). As the profit-model for the music industry changes, so too does the publicity model. the website "information is beautiful" shows how different music distribution modes and companies pay out to artists, and try to place that in the context of the music you want to hear vs. what you actually hear.

"But MY generation actually made good music, they were actually original"
There's original, great music today, just as there was in the 00's, and the 90's, and so on. Maybe you have to look in different places, but it's there.

"This generation uses such-and-such to make their music and I don't like the sound of it"
Tough s--t. We don't hear "classic rock" any more because it's old and been done. Musical tastes change, and artists experiment. There are still bands that make your music if you look for them.

I think this article is pretty funny, and it's definitely good to lambast what's passed rather than just wear the nostalgia-glasses forever.
But every generation is the worst generation of music. As well as the best.
Nick from Canada
Dude. The music industry turned to s--t after the 2000's. The 2000's were the last era to produce good music that at least had music and music videos didn't include being almost naked everywhere.Frdwriter from Nowhere
I love Prince but i never knew about this page on him and it makes me wonder, is Prince really like that? also the description about Metallica is true on terms of st. anger, but death magnetic was a improvement of sorts (And I also agree they were a amazing band from 1983-1991, but after that, the magic just didn't come back.) and one more thing: why do we need a replacement for the great bands of the past? their going to be the ONLY great ones on EARTH because of the trash in the mainstream right now. P.S. I wish more people would appreciate great hip-hop music of the past 20-30 years in the mainstream (OutKast, 2Pac, Beastie Boys, anyone? ) instead of Drake, Wiz Kalifia, Lil Wayne, etc. and what they say about Prince isn't going to stop me from wanting "Purple Rain" as a birthday present.Ben from Orem
For that genre but for rap it's the 10's hands downJj88 from Phoenix
The 2000's were a music Renaissance compared to the far worse 2010's.Michael from Chicago
Say what you want about the 2000's, at least they had a variety of artists. Now, you'll typically just have one artist monopolizing an entire genre of music. I mean when Lady Gaga was still relevant in the early 2010's, she had a total monopoly over pop music. You could be forgiven for thinking she was the only pop artist out there, at the time. Nowadays you have Kanye West monopolizing rap and Taylor Swift monopolizing country music, and they're both terrible artists!Mason from California
I am alder guy, 56. Love the mid 60's through the 80's. 70's were the best, but there is a lot of good music from the nineties through the 00's. The 00's and 10's are pretty thin on great usic, but There is boat load of good new music today, maybe not enough Rock rock, but you can find it.

Find Local Bands or Stations that play new music. Avoid the top 40 channels. Birmingham AL has a very active local music scene. Come try it out. Listen to Birmingham Mountain Radio. It's an Internet and broadcast station. Unique in today's world. There is a great internet radio station from Jackson WY as well. Listen. You will be pleasantly suprised with what you hear and happy that you did.
Oldrocker from Birminghamal
It's 2016, and people still listen to music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. In 2030, people will still listen to music from those very same decades, but nobody will still listen to music from the 2010+
Pure, talentless garbage for the soulless sheep of the world.
Patrick from Us
Oh, and Prince just died if that makes you feel any better. No one uses file sharing anymore because of all the copyright laws in place.Marideth from Columbus,ohio
My trumpet playing, dixieland listening father, born in 1924 once complained about the extinction of old 20's/30's/40's music. Through modern media I exposed him to Squirrel Nut Zippers, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, etc. There IS good music of all types out there still...just buried. I was born in 69 and believe the best decade to be the 70's brought to you by the Beatle's 10 year stint. Honestly, I haven't much time to 'dig' for what's buried when I have acts as Zappa to indulge in. The newest act that comes to mind, that is of my liking, is Clutch. I think this article has SOME validity, but just not communicated or researched well.Dave from Iowa
At least Metallica is better now than they were in the 90sDave from Greer, Sc
Actually, music started to really stink in the 1990s. For some reason, that decade is a huge black hole for me in the entertainment industry (and no, I've never, ever done any drugs...not even prescription). Even my 11-year-old daughter has little patience for most music released past 1980s. She has a Beatles, Elvis, & KISS collection that some adults would envy, and she cried when she heard about Prince. My older, 13-year-old daughter likes a lot of the new stuff (hey, I don't tell them what they can or can't like), but even she will take Eric Clapton and David Bowie over the new stuff; she's actually still in mourning over Bowie.K.c. from Nh
If you thought the 2000s were bad, the 2010s are a lot worse. 95% of top 40 music today sounds like it was written by a 5 year old who just learned all about sex and bad words. If there is ever a rock song on top 40, it's almost always some lame indie crap. I know this because my sister almost only listens to this type of music and I have to listen to it every other day in her car. About the old musicians in their 70s, 60s, 50s, even 80s and 90s still alive and touring, well, the Rolling Stones, AC DC, Aerosmith, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan, Cher, Ozzy Osbourne, and Madonna are still alive and touring, but David Bowie, Glenn Frey (The Eagles), and BB King died either this year or last year.Marideth from Columbus, Ohio
In the place of Sid Vicious you should have put Cliff Burton.Zero from The Abyss, New Jersey
The 2000s certainly had their terrible moments, but you just sound like every obnoxious defener in the internet who complains about everything mainstream (like if it makes you any more of a special snowflake). Bad music has always existed (just listen to most 80's and 90's pop, dammit). Also, the moment you imply that Sid Vicious ever had any talent you just lose all the (little) credit you had when you published this terrible article.P. Guina from Brazil
I totally agree with this... except the fall out boy partJohn Cena from No
The reason we don't have iconic albums and rock stars of the same cultural magnitude as those in the 70's is because we are not being bombarded by promotion of quality music anymore to the same level, due to lack of funds and/or investment in unpredictable, intractable, outspoken artists, who might OD next week, and still retain proceeds from their work because they wrote it or a band member wrote it or another person from the scene they came out of wrote it..I think artists were finally winning legal battles in regards to creative ownership in the late 90s. And that's when the first ball dropped--before file sharing, and after all the huge stars of the decade OD'd and died, the labels said screw this business model, lets go with 16 year old Britney, and a New Kids on the Block redux. And from then on it was never the same, producers went crazy with new technologies like autotune and protools, and weilded way too much power over mediocre talent. (Just like the evening news..the person you see onscreen no longer has anything to do with actual journalism, and much news is not really.) The vast majority of the listening public are really like recovering addicts, too lazy to get that good fix if it isn't brought to our door via radio and magazines, movie soundtracks, but still with a hole in our brains, sitting around kvetching about it. And the lesser drugs of manufactured pop and unproduced undeveloped artists can't fill it. I hate to admit that last part, but producers really can be important if they have proper restraint. Artists are weird people and it helps to have someone to interpret their ideas from left field. Not every artist has a talent for this.
There are some exceptions, of course, to that timeline, but the stars have not been aligned for 15 years at least.
Michael from Bolton
I agree with Liz you know, the 2000s had a mix of good and bad music, but the 2010s is UTTER GARBAGE in terms of mainstream music.Michael from Bolton
I can't tell when this article was written but I do believe that the 2010s are by far the WORST decade of music ever. The 2000s were glory days in comparison. I actually liked the 00s quite a bit. There was a ton of variety in selections and I found that the independent acts were still quite strong. I listened to many artists for their music and not the looks. I can even pinpoint 2005-07 as a time in which strong pop material was created. Maybe even include 2004. Yes, we all hate Nickelback and Soulja Boy, but those acts aside, the 00s had some genuinely good music. The 2010s are a different story. EDM is the worst trend to ever dominate popular music.Liz from Nyc
I agree with Jake from Philly as well.Michael from Bolton
It has a lot to do with the ne generations (those born after 1980). They just accept something as good because their friends like them or a flashy ad/video of an artist looked cool; it didn't sound good, but the video/stage show "looked" cool. TV killed music. When you could only hear a band, and not see them, what mattered was what you heard. You could have a band playing awesome music, but if they're all ugly, or too old, the new generation won't acknowledge them. And since kids are the money making, target audience of almost all business, we get "kiddy garbage".
I'm not an old fogey either. Only 32 and can see this. Money is all that matters to the industry today. Talent is what brings in the most cash, unlike before when managers cared about their clients.
Jake from Philly
I'm 19 and I am as frustrated as the next music lover, but there is one thing that this article does not supply, and that is an answer to this rotten music. If you want to help slow the decline of the music culture, STOP SUPPORTING IT! Encourage others to do so as well! Support local bands with REAL talent! Go to a Bar with a local band instead of a Dance Club DJ. Call in to pop music radio stations and voice your objections to the filth they broadcast! You are angry enough to WRITE your opinions and read others, now ACT upon them. Obviously by taking the time to read this article (and the comments below) you are passionate about music. Act on your passions, reject these computer generated noises known as Pop Music, demand more of your local radio stations and record stores! Ignite emotion in others by voicing your opinions! And finally again, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BANDS! I'm so sick of this garbage mainstream music! I BEG OF YOU PLEASE DO WHAT I'VE SUGGESTED!!!Michael from Bolton
I also agree 100% with that person Adolph Ginsberg from Philadelphia Pa. From 1960 to 1980 was 20 years of the best music period! There were no look alikes, no sound alikes and in that 20 year span maybe 11% of the music sucked compared to 64% today. In my opinion the best music went from the 1950s to the 1990s. I'm only 19, but I love listening to 60s, 70s and 80s music! I'm dying because there's no time machines!Michael from Bolton
the 60's and 70's were the best decades 4 music bar none.!! from, 1960 to 1980 was 20 years of the best music period.! no look a likes no sound alikes IN THAT 20 YEAR SPAN MAYBE 11% OF THE MUSIC SUCKED COMPARED TO 64% TODAYAdolph Ginsberg from Philadelphia Pa.
Truth be told I agree but still compared to this decade I can say that at least creed sing with real voices and not use auto tines like these bitch ass whiny indie bands that gives rick a bad name and rap was still listenable in the early to mid 2000s like the watch me whip song horrible and the duggie s--t I take rap metal any day and lil wayne still sucks rap Is crack head music now I mean ja rule 50 cent slim shady beanie Sigel vs future rich gang and boby shumder shumder for crying out loud I wish I kick your teeth in you piece of s--t I will admit the late 2000s were horrible but from 2000 to 2004 still listenable compared to the 2010 to 2014 and oh yeah backstreet boys/nsync vs the wanted/one direction I choose nsync&backstreet boys because they know how to sing sure there music is crappy I will admit but they not pussy auto tine whiny punk bitches and emo/pop punk ever today's indie music any day the genre completely sold out indie my ass f--k mumford and son and the black keys I take jimmy eat world and dashboard confessional any f--king day so F.U.C.K .Y.O.U. :(Gary Gray from Philadelphia
This is the most ridiculous article ever. There are some points, such as autotune, that hold some water, but there's certainly not enough here to declare it the worst decade for music.
And making the statment "music today sucks!" Or "good music is dead" is completely idiotic and asinine. There have been so many f--king amazing albums tat have come out of the decade, just open your horizons and look for them!
If you want some good examples i'll give them:

Pretty much everything put out by Destroyer and Dan Bejar in general, and even though it came out in 2011, definitely check out Kaputt.
Caribou - Andorra, Swim (It did come out in 2010, but still great)
Radiohead?! Both Kid A and In Rainbows are some of the best albums of the past 20 years, easily.
The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi, At War With The Mystics, Embryonic
The White Stripes?! I mean come on, Elephant, Icky Thump and White Blood Cells are f--king incredible, so is Get Behind Me Satan for that matter.
Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights (One of the decades best in my opinion), Antic.
The Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not.
Beck - Guero, The Information, and lets not forget one of the best albums ever, period, Sea Change
The Black Keys - Thick Freakness, Attack And Release, The Big Come Up
Grizzly Bear - Horn Of Plenty, Yellow House
Off! - Easily the best punj band to come out of the past 20 years. The First 4 Eps.

I could keep going on for quite awhile. And while i do agree with some snippets of this article, it's insane to make it sound like there's nothing good out there and the 00's yielded no great music. It's just not true, at all.
Zkafka from Pittsburgh
Thank you so much Hypnotic from Trancentral, Belgrade. I'm so glad that you know how I feel and I'm glad that the old generations are still alive. If it wasn't for them, I'd be screwed. One thing is that even though I'm a young guy (I'm 19), I'm glad that I grew up with classics from the good ol' days, which made my childhood brilliant. I'm also glad that I'll be turning 20 next year so that I will get out of my teenage years. You can just enjoy timeless classics at any time and I agree with you that it would take a miracle for the world to get golden and lovely again. Thanks for that lovely comment Hypnotic from Trancentral, Brigade. My full name is Michael Stephen Robinson.Michael from Bolton
I just have to send much love to "Michael from Bolton", i feel for you buddy, and it's a real pity that you wasn't born earlier to experience the Golden Age of music and human spirit as a whole in 80's and 90's, because you look a fine kid with good spirit, and that's not very often amongst your generation. I feel sorry for all the lost generations born too late, because they didn't have a single freaking quality around themselves when they were thrown into this pathetic world of 2000's on. They missed literally everything good. But also there is equally huge pain and nostalgia for us who were there at the time, because we knew so much better than this bulls--t today, the only problem is that it was so normal to us. If i knew what was going to happen, i would've cherished every single minute, every single hour, and day 10 times more :) It was the heaven that we lived, and we didn't even know. :) We all have to stay strong, and hope for a miracle, the Spirit revival...greets from Belgrade.Hypnotic from Trancentral, Belgrade
I also agree with that 00s Hater from London down there:

1950s - 1990s >>>>> 2000s - 2010s. It's like the 1950s - 1990s was the golden age of the world and the golden age of life. It's like I've missed out on the best years of the world. It's like I've missed everything that was beautiful, and all I live in is garbage. I really envy middle-aged people and elderly people because they lived through the golden years, and I'm only 19. *Sigh*
Michael from Bolton
I also absolutely fully agree with that person Steph from Canada commented down there; she took all the words right out of my mouth. I couldn't have said it any better. Her paragraph is the PERFECT paragraph to copy and paste everywhere. Music today stinks rotten egg balls and I wish old 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s music could be played on the radio again so that the youth of today could know what real music sounds like. Parents, I beg of you, PLEASE MAKE YOUR KIDS LISTEN TO 60S, 70S, 80S AND 90S MUSIC SO THAT THEY KNOW WHAT REAL CLASSIC MUSIC IS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, OUT OF ALL OF THOSE CLASSICS, MAKE THEM LISTEN TO THE BEATLES AND MICHAEL JACKSON. I'm only 19 and I know what all of these classics are and they are MUCH BETTER THAN THE ROTTEN GARBAGE MUSIC OF TODAY.Michael from Bolton
Some plausible arguments are made through this article. But there is still a lot that I disagree with you on. This whole article seems like one big personal opinion essay that seems to offer little to no factual evidence of these your statements. There is nothing to support your opinion and I highly doubt that people hate most of the bands that you posted. By all means have an opinion, but dont try and make opinion, factual.Marc from San Diego
I wish Autotune would just bloomin' die. I bloomin' hate Autotune and I wish it would die and I wish music was just good again. I wish I had a time machine to experience what life was like without all of this technological garbage. When I see middle-aged people and old people, I feel envious because they lived through the golden years, and I'm only 19.Michael from Bolton
*Sigh* I'd give anything to turn the clock back.Michael from Bolton
I feel like some of your picks for worst bands and artists are wrong. They are as followed: Nickelback, Fall Out Boy, and Metallica (Who the heck thinks that Metallica falls in the category of performers everyone hates!!!!!!!!) I also feel like this is the WORST ARTICLE EVER!Catherine Martin from Missouri
It's me Michael Robinson again. Another thing that ticks me off about this crisis in this fake music industry is that any "artists" who completely have no talent in singing and who can't sing but use Autotune to give the illusion that they are artists that can sing are committing fraud; getting wealth and fame through deception. They should be treated like the criminals they are and have their money and awards stripped. It should be law that they cannot use Autotune in mainstream or at least force them to put a disclaimer on all their albums and show tickets. If they cannot sing then it means they are in the wrong industry, plain and simple. I will never understand why these sheep still support "artists" that consistently deceive them. Mainstream has a bad habit of using Autotune. A kid can learn it in a few minutes so mainstream artists claiming they are professional using this tech are laughable. It's really trashy. This is why I hate new radio music. Its all super-simple-copy-and-paste type of work. No effort, purpose, soul or real meaning. Just money money money money money! People like Eminem are real. Just take one of his songs. He tells you a story and you feel it in your heart. Listen to Justin Bieber and you'd feel like committing suicide.

Michael from Bolton
Sorry, but I disagree this article, I like 2000s musicRichard from Mexico City
My friend and I were talking about this the other day...music has died. Your blog listed almost everything (and more) that was covered in our conversation. I also wonder if you agree that the 'video game' generation and Internet (facebook and twitter) have become a hobby in society and have replaced listening to music...they're addicted to their Xbox and phones today! People have lost the sentimental and emotional value that songs made people feel. Music maze is social. Have you looked at the faves of people when they are pllaying these video games today? And their faces while on their phones? When's 'music' was around our faces lit up, we smiled, we sang, we cried, we felt... we were alive. Today's faces look lost and confused. Bring back the 80s please!Alvaro from Briseno
This is Michael Robinson here, the same person who did that big rant down there not far below from this comment (see the name and location below this comment). Here are songs that should make people realize this generation needs help

1. OG Maco - U Guessed It (Official Video)
2. O.T Genasis - Coco [Music Video]
3. Rich Gang - Lifestyle ft. Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan
4. Nicki Minaj - Anaconda (Explicit)
5. Rae Sremmurd - No Type
6. Jennifer Lopez - Booty ft. Iggy Azalea
7. Bobby Shmurda - Hot N*gga
8. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
9. Meghan Trainer - About That Bass
10. Jessie J - Bang Bang ft. Arianna Grande, Nicki Minaj
The list goes on and on and on...

Copy & Paste this onto all kinds of sites, social media, YouTube videos etc because this just has to stop. Something seriously needs to be done about this. Please, I beg of you
Michael from Bolton
Very witty and funny take on the worst decade ever! Thank you for making me laugh at something that I would normally groan at and sigh! I really feel for the young people who care about music, and want it be human. So many of them wished they were born during their father and grandfather's musical hay daya... The young audiophiles are musical anthropologists digging up old Spooky Tooth, Coltrane, and Spirit albums. I believe the new decade to be ever so slightly better than the old double oughts. Albums like the new IQ album "Road of Bones" give me hope, and yet the band IQ must keep their day jobs. Que sera sera...Oh no! My bad! I quoted the most hated diva of the late 50's... Doris Day! Nothing to see here...move on. If you can spare 10 minutes for a quick Wikipedia excursion, select any early 70's year and check out the albums that were released that year. Any month will the last 3 years combined!Ramsey Glissadevil from Aadvark Mass
This article SUCKS!
Born in the 50's boys and girls. It's not the music that sucks today (I find fantastic music in this century, I don't know why you can't) clearly it's your internet music search skills that blow chunks or maybe it's because many of you really aren't into music as much as you claim. Radio represents less than 1% of all music in the world and much of it is mediocre at best and always has been. The age of the internet is now and your mainstream radio is dying if not dead already (good riddance!). Since 2000 the styles of music has exploded, any type of music from any era is being created right now and many more most you can't even imagine, with the aid of the internet can be found easier now than it's ever been in it's history! All anyone has to do as a music fan that many of you 'claim' to be is to take the time to do so. Gone are the days where you had to travel to multiple record stores spending buku bucks just to try out new music or being screwed over by the major labels prostituting their lame bands playing the only song worthy of an album and sticking you with the rest of a record that was all filler and no killer. I buy more CD's (I grew up during the vinyl and it's just isn't worth the hassle and expense to keep up when you have a high quality stereo that plays all media to it's fullest potential) now than I've ever had in the past and know I'm getting best music for my buck because now I can hear a full album BEFORE I buy and never leave the house!

Signed: A music fanatic.
Wouldn't you like to be one too?
Wave~ from Florida, Usa
I JUST WANT TO SAY A BIG THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS ARTICLE!!! IT IS 100% TRUE, HAS LOTS OF GOOD POINTS AND I FULLY AGREE WITH IT!!! I'm 18 years old and I flipping hate today's music and this generation!!! I prefer listening to bands such as the Bee Gees and Bon Jovi and singers from the 80s such as Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and Diana Ross that my parents listened to in their teens. Music today sucks donkey poo!!! It's just lots of stupid, samey Autotuned trash and rap trash by "artists" who have no talent and use Autotune to give the illusion that they're good artists such as Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and those trashy rappers, but they're not and any lazy drunk idiot can make music with it now!!! Why can't the government just OUTLAW AUTOTUNE?!!! IT JUST REALLY TICKS ME OFF that the youth of today enjoy listening to it, think it's good and don't know REAL MUSIC!!!! I beg any of you parents who have children of today, please make them listen to the classics from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s; nothing today beats them and children today honestly NEED to know what REAL music is.

It also sucks that the music industry and the government don't know that this is going on and just carry on this process!!!! Any idiot can just use Autotune and make any trashy nonsense song that makes no sense and they can just get famous and get lots of money for it and they carry on being "stars"!!!! This generation and its music industry is absolutely pathetic and stupid and thanks to Autotune, there is no art and creativity put into music anymore and anyone can "sing" now!!!!!! True talent is being able to truly sing with your natural human voice!!!!! If you have no talent in singing, don't sing at all!! I really hate this generation and its music industry and people my age don't know how much music in this generation sucks!!!! In fact, it's not even music, it's just NOISE!!!! I sometimes wish I had been a kid in the 80s and teen in the 90s so that I could have lived in simpler and non-technological times when music was actually good!!!

I also agree with that part of this article about how iTunes has gotten rid of albums!!!! Simply just downloading a song onto iTunes is absolutely nothing compared to albums with beautiful cover art and lyric books inside!!!

Michael from Bolton
the 70s was the best decade for music. let me explain why. no grunge, no rap, no emo homo metal,, no boy bands no auto-tune. in the 70's there was one led zeppelin, one rolling stones, one bad company, one chicago, one fleetwood mac etc etc, catch my drift?? nobody sounded like everybody else, or imitated each other as today's crap.. pearl jam and nirvana close your eyes whats the difference?? none, rap hip hop oh yea it all sounds different right??? yea right!!! gen x you are the most small minded generation, with your hip pads j phones i pads, so small minded won't even listen to 70's or god forbid 60's music, yea i'm an old head i'm 52 years old grew up with 70's music, but also listened to 50's and 60's music , see i expanded my mind something you gen xrr's wont do or understand have a nice phony lip synched auto tune decadeAdolph from Philadelphia
Jay-Z (2000-2009), The Strokes (2001), 50 Cent, Eminem, The Arctic Monkeys, Phoenix, Dashboard Confessional, Kanye West, Rihanna, Vampire Weekend, Peter Bjorn and John, Ra Ra Riot, The Maccabees, The Cribs, Nas, Darwin Deez, Smith Westerns, Maximo Park, Shaggy, ...and several others (essentially rap and indie w/ some pop and emo thrown in) give me hope that the 2000 decade will not be perceived as badly in 50 years.Jody Schmidt from New Jersey
The years 2000 to 2010 is by far the worst decade for music. One of the contributing factors may have been due to the Napster affect, copyright laws not upto the times, and the lack of profitability motivating the music business from putting effort into good new music. Hopefully things will change and improve soon...Rick from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I think you guys may be overlook this one. This article is pretty much all about the mainstream garbage that gets pumped through the airwaves. Turn off the radio and dig a little bit deeper and you may find that you are missing one of the most diverse, interesting decades of music.Matt from Pa
"...courtesy of that gorgon of American media that fouls all that it touches." Not quite. They're going to do whatever it takes to make money. Those in the music industry are not, by and large, interested in music. The phrase should instead read: "...courtesy of those who have BOUGHT THIS TRASH." Remember, you vote with your wallet. Culture and art have now become 100% commodity. As Zappa once sang, "Do you love it/Do you hate it/There it is/the way you made it."Chris F. from Albuquerque, Nm
There is SO much I could say about this but it would take a LONG time! Let's just say I agree FULLY! Way too much auto-tune these days and yet this little kiddies think these so called "artists" are good?! Umm NO! They can't sing! And adding auto-tune only helps make it that much worse! Come on little boys and girls, listen to the classics of the 60's-some of the 90's! But most importantly, listen to the 80's! ;) But really, whatever happened to a line like "I want to hold your hand" from the Beatles? No it's more like "Yo let me get in yo pants, I'll take ya to my crib we'll have a one night stand" or some [*oops*] like that! Pathetic! The "lyrics" make NO sense whatsoever and they certainly don't have a point! It's all rap [*oops*] now and it's ridiculous, enough is enough! As someone else stated, rap was GOOD when it was back in the 70's/80's but now it's just absolutely sickening! I avoid this new [*oops*] like the plague but if I ever happen to hear some, I can't tell one from the next, it all sounds the same! All total bull[*oops*]! But we have these people like Bieber, Gag Gag, Adele, Nicki Minaj (the WORST!), and these other idiots brain washing kids in to thinking they are good! Kids will always be supporting this [*oops*] now so music will NEVER get better, in fact in will only get worse from here, sadly! So the 80's hair/music whatever may have been cheesy, so be it! I'll take a great song with amazing lyrics that actually mean something no matter how corny it may be over this rap [*oops*] ANY DAY! And with that I would just like to say, R.I.P. music, you will be FOREVER missed! :(Steph from Canada
"Soulja Boy play Tic Tac TOOOOE, Soulja Boy rake with a HOOOOE, Soulja Boy done stub 'is TOOOOE, To the toilet got to GOOOO" (dink dunk duh duh, dink dunk duh duh). Anyway, this article is completely right, this is the crap I grew up with and I still hate it. What ever happened to hearing what people sounded like? (the addition of the auto-tuned baby is a great addition to how much auto-tuning sucks)Anonymous (am I Spelling That Right?)
Most of the " Bands " today are utter trash. Always singing about Nude Girls / Drugs / Profanity.

Disney has been nothing but rubbish since the 00s. Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and now some new stupid show called " A.N.T Farm " which, like most of their shows, are filled with Mary-Sues [ Little Perfect Main Characters ].

As for Mainstream.

Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and more. All of them singing the same thing.

None of them can compare to Michael Jackson, a-ha, Alphaville, Phil Collins and other Stars from the 90s and backwards. The only Bands today which still sound good are " Take That " and " Westlife ".

Face it. The 00s were filled with nothing but Singeres marketed at 12 year old Girls and younger who will scream and cry until their Unlucky Parents will take them to Concerts / Buy Songs.

Haven't they already taken over the Movie Industry? The Twilight " Saga " pretty much bombed the Vampire Genre and made most of us lose hope in Filmography.

1950s - 1990s >>>>> 2000s - 2010s.
00s Hater from London
One look at the Oscar-winning songs from the previous decade proves this is true. Three 6 Mafia and noted bigot Eminem have Oscars, while legendary singer-songwriter Dolly Parton's a two-time loser. The movies themselves weren't so stellar either.Xav from Chicago, Il
The Jonas brothers are actually amazing..it's the stereotype that gets to idiotic judgmental people... Disney is awesome, it's just SOME of the artists that give it a bad rep, like Miley. Don't be ignorant by judging from what you first see and hear.Jadon from Port Saint Lucie, Fl
yo dudes how dare you put fall out boy on this list--they are hysterically comical and have catchy almost rock songs...Tati from Ny
Screw this article. Metallica has more metal than virtually any other artist in this article. Sure, they kinda went down hill on St. Anger, I'l give you that. But Death Magnetic is great. They went back to their thrash roots, and now they're kicking more ass than anyone else in this forum will be. Metallica are now recording a new album, which we all know will be an improvement from the already well done comeback from 2008. Seriously, Metallica never fell, and they never will.Iq from Venezuela
Rock 'n' roll is like a really really good bread. right now its been left on the counter too long so it is pretty much stale and unappetizing. You can't recycle stale bread, you have to bake a fresh loaf. It happened once, it can happen again.Jim from North Billerica, Ma
NAILED the article... thought only I was aware of these things and Maiden and Ozzy ARE still touring because nobody could even get close to replacing them! I would take either over almost anybody today. METAL still ALIVE!!! P.S. Give credit to Guitar Hero/Rock Band, though, for showing kids today the music of yesteryear's so they could realize that most of today's music couldn't hold a candle to the GODS of old.Robin from Chicago
Dude, how could you forget Cliff Burton. He was the reason Metallica kicked ass in the 80s.Brad from Nocona, Texas
Agreed 100%. The good songs that have come out of the 2000s can be counted on one hand. Anyone notice how the guitar solo died? Whatever happened to ripping into a solo mid-song? Oh yeah, these hipster brats that are making music today aren't skilled enough to do those types of things. Anyone remember singer/songwriters?? Yeah, I loved them too. Now who do we have? Alicia Keys? G-d help us all....Robert from Brooklyn, Ny
I really detest seeing Metallica's 'name in shame', as the author eloquently outlined above, but I suspect the facts are nearly indisputable. Those guys made a mockery of "themselves' with some of their newer emo-type metal, and then proceeded to makes larger fools of "themselves' with the whole Napster fiasco. No one was down-loading that new [*oops*], anyway - and the rest of us had already purchased every good album (cassette, CD) 3 times over.

I guess all good things must come to an end... Good bye dear old friend! You rocked the 80's and the 90's with some serious authority.
80'sfan! from Harrisburg, Pa
All of this is very sad. Im lucky i was raised listening to albums from Phil Collins, Bach; Vivaldi and ENYA....its very hard for me to find good music now in days....out of 30 songs only a couple are kind of goodZacky from Caracas, Venezuela
Excellent observations....couldn't agree with you more...C.d. from Alabama
This could have included Coldplay. I mean, I like Coldplay, don't get me wrong, but all of their songs sound THE SAME. I really agree with the Autotune comment. I feel that if you can't sing the pitches in tune, you shouldn't sing them at all. Also, Guitar Hero. GUITAR HERO. It makes me sad that my generation only knows the most eminent songs by classic rock artists because said songs were on Guitar Hero. Mind you, these people will be running the world someday. Just saying.Jessi from South Bloomfield, Oh
The Fall Out Boy entry could have also included Hoobastank :-). Also - the description of how Lady Gaga gets her outfits is going to have me laughing for a VERY long time. Great article!Dp from Usa
This is fantastic, because, sadly, as a musically aware child from the 90's, I despise what the music world has fallen into. It's collapsed onto itself and spat out the rancid newness that has taken the form of hip hop, rap, deathkore, and the queen of it all, Justin Bieber.
Disgusting. :(
Pepper Keys from America
Excellent article.Rob from Us
This article is right about how awful the 2000's were and too nice for how bad the music really was. I wonder what will happen in the next 20 years when artists of the 2000's will be discussed for going into the rock and roll hall of fame. Right now there is discussion if Hall and Oates or Kiss should be inducted into the hall of fame. Im sorry but if neither of them can get in than there is probably not a single rock artist that got started in the 2 thousands that has any chance to be inducted. Kiss musically was pretty average and they still can beat the 'best' artists of the decade. Also I wonder if any of those new artists of the decade will be considered 'legends' in 30 or 50 years. I certainly don't think so and that is why the music sucked. In the end it is all about the finished product and it just didn't cut it.Bryce from Arizona
I think lady gaga is actually very good. She is sort of, idk, the kurt cobain of pop. Shes a visionary, and sort of makes tongue-in-cheek jokes about pop culture, ie paparazzi.Cj From Cape Town, South Africa
Whoever wrote this review is a total moron! The 90's were 100 times worse. The 2000s were the best period since the 80's we didn't have techno music or britpop, thank God. Oh and Disco was 100 times better than any of the crap that has come since. In fact the only ones that hated it were Rock {zero musical understanding} fans.Alison
What about the artic monkeys and the libertines and the strokes, utter moronic [*oops*] all of them and everyones afraid to say cos they were slightly better than the rest of the moronic [*oops*] around!Sean from London
I may not agree with your whole article (don't rip on auto-tune---people once accused rock of taking the talent out of music), but most of the bands you listed were head-on:
Nickelback: decent, but ridiculously over-rated.
Soulja-boy: I don't even listen to rap and I know they ruined the genre.
Fallout Boy: I got a kick out of their HTF "Carpal Tunnel of Love" video, if you know what I mean.

You listed emo as being a bad genre. While I agree with that, emo was an 80's genre that all but died in the 90's. The people who relate emo to the 2000's generally have no idea what the genre is. Sadly, this includes you.
John from Sylvania, Ohio
Great article! I completly agree!!Isabella from Usa
To Ben from New Zealand, you are right to point to the weakness in some of the author's argument, but the offerings you gave up are infinitely flawed.

The author made reference to more than the 60's and 70's so don't be a d*ck. And these eras made you in more ways than one, so respect. Radiohead and SOAD, even M.I.A. are valid reps for the 2000s, but also give credit to the first two for their work in the 90s. And the rest of the list is a farce. No one else there will have any long term impact on people's memories or the shape of music to come. I am absolutely appalled by you mention of Eminem, and Coldplay. Udder posers. The White Strips, Gnarls Barkley Gorillaz are already history ( as is most of the unmemorable music from the 2000s). U2 has no musical talent, they are just propped up by liberal media, and Outkast self-imploded some time ago. Beyonce is an entertainer, she will never be half the all around performer that Michael Jackson and the like where during the 80's and 90's.
Zarlushka from Freeport
I agree, its spot on! Definitely hit the nail on the head. These Music Corporations refuse to actually realize what is going on and start doing something to boost their sales. There was a great article online by the editor of wired magazine in 2006 who said there should be a fire sale to boost sales, obviously the more the big music corporations fight it the smaller the chance to actually make money before pirate channels take over (limewire, piratebay, etc etc).

Also you should add the rappers Tupac and B.I.G. however they did sort of peak when before they died, maybe we just martirized them like any other figures that died at the right time (Lenin. Che Guevara, Buckley?? just an opinion, but there is no time machine that will ever tell us what if, right?)
Anyway good article I enjoyed it.
Fernando from Australia
Why it's so? It's because ALL of the old independent companies (like superb A&M, Motown, etc., etc.) were sucked into one huge conglomerate (everyone knows it's name), only to have their old catalogues (old studios were completely shut down), thus they're just not interested in producing any new valuable music, they're just living off those old all time favorite classics.Shaman from Outta Space
Nu-metalers? Seriously?
There's more of us than you think.
Dude from Georgya
1) I never saw what everyone hated about nickelback. And, if you start with that Pearl Jam copier crap I'm going to freaking throw my laptop across the lobby of a very nice hotel.
2) Fred Durst is a D-bag for the ages, yeah, but I'm willing to forgive him for two reasons. He gave us Aaron Lewis, and him being a D-bag made for epic lulz. C'mon guys, He did it for the nookie!
3) The digital rant was off by a couple billion. True, I get irritated by trojans from limewire clogging up my computer, but the digital revolution was a very important step in music history. It made music easier for broke kids like me to get a hold of good music.
Junior from Maryland
Hello! Thank you, about Lady Gaga! I absolutely can't stand her!!!Amanda from Usa
Okay guys, really? Guitar Hero is just a video game. I think Guitar Hero is fun, and its a cool way to learn new music! I learned a lot of songs I've never heard of before that are very catchy and cool. I don't think I'm a pro when I play those songs on it, but if other people do, let them! Can't people dream?Anna from Usa
Hah, the lady gaga description cracked me up!Thale from Buskerud, Norway
Yeah, a sad truth isn't it? I was born a 94(oh the crushing irony) and I've yet to meet someone in my agegroup who doesn't relate Nirvana to "that buddh..no hinduism thingy" But, on the other hand, they almost know the lyrics for the new lady gaga song... It's official, the music of the 20ies went straight to hell.Thale from Buskerud, Norway
Oh I forgot to mention - The American Idol section, I mostly agree, especially about all the country girls. But I think Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, and of course Adam Lambert would have made it without Idol (in fact, Lambert had his own unsigned rock band before ever trying out for it) and the show just sped up the process. So some good came from it. But - Kelly Pickler? Carrie Underwood? Ugh.Hannah from Gustavus, Ohio
from the RIP list how could you forget Elliott Smith?Jtmontclair from Oakland Ca
The Guitar Hero/Rock Band/American Idol section is way off-base. Music video games expose kids to music that they may not have heard otherwise(and i've never heard of a band making a song just so they get into GH). I think of those games as another way for family and friends to enjoy music together.
Yes generally the American Idol contestants suck after the show, but there are good one who have made it out(Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry), maybe at least give them a mention that they're exceptions instead of saying nothing good has come out of the show?
Not to belittle Kurt Cobain's life, but remember in mentioning what could have been with Nirvana that we also got one of the great bands of the late 90's/00's in the Foo Fighters with the end of Nirvana.
I agree with pretty much everything else though
Tyler from Usa
You lost intelligent points with the Guitar Hero/Rock Band comments. I've never met a single person who plays those games who in any way thinks they are musicians because of those games. In fact music teachers are getting more students because kids play these games and want to learn real instruments.Jeff from Usa
Honey, music died by the 1980's. Music now is crap and will continue to get worse before it gets better.Andrea from Usa
I totally agree about Nickelback and the Disney crap. I did like Fall Out Boy, though. I don't care who flames me. I liked their lyrics (although Folie a Deux sucked compared to their older stuff) and it gave kids who were too old for Jonas Brothers and too young for Green Day something to listen to.Hannah from Gustavus, Ohio
The part about Guitar Hero and Rock Band is inceribly wrong. First off, bands aren't trying to become Guitar Hero friendly, and even if they were, they would do the opposite of what you claim is happening. In Rock Band and Guitar Hero, intricate solos and complicated riffs are far more valued than their Fisher-Price counterparts which would be viewed as boring by the player.Will from Atlanta
Loved this article. I think you've missed some things out however, such as 'Robbie Williams' for performers that everybody hates (thats if you can even call him a performer!) Also, I would have included Ndubz under bands that everybody hates, and furthermore this genre of music that everyone calls 'indie'(when in achual fact indie has no sound, it's short for independent release, but im sensing you knew that anyway)Kamran from Fleet, Hants, England
The anti-drug movement a trace once of simple marahoochie will land you in jail. A permanent mark on your record which can be accessed by any employer and shuts many doors. That scares people into not doin it.The Only Reason Rock N Roll Died from Ninya, Ca
this is just a stupid article. the '00s sucked if you never ventured past mainstream radio. fortunately the internet has made it easier than ever to find independent artists so there is no reason to listen to what is forcefed to you on the radio anymore. music has evolved in so many different directions, you just need to look past the big recording companies to find it. i don't understand how electronic music is "disappearing." HUGE advancements in electro were made in the '00s and there's still a lot of great stuff being made in the genre. daft punk, justice, simian mobile disco just to name a few big ones, and hell even dance rock like MGMT even though i think they're overrated. there's lots of interesting experimental music out there, animal collective was on top of their game all decade and they are probably one of the most popular indie bands today, i really don't think anyone can deny the guys have serious talent. there is just SO MUCH good music that was made in the 2000s. if anybody agreeing with this article hasn't heard of the artists i mentioned, they are doing themselves a serious disservice, considering those are just some of the biggest ones out there. you're missing out on hundreds of amazing and innovative artists if you choose to just bitch and whine about what's on the radio and listen to your old vinyls. i'm not saying that people should only listen to the newest stuff, but why knock what you haven't even tried? the one thing i do agree with in this article: nickelback is the worst band that has ever existed. though, it's not true that everyone hates them--i once had a roommate who was a huge fan. needless to say that was not a fun year.Meghan from Pittsburgh
Whatever their off-stage antics aside, Metallica did make one Hell of a comeback with Death Magnetic.
And Some Kind of Monster is an awesome documentary, regardless.
Oniönhead from Denmark
wait, if those dead people were still alive, people would moan that no-one has replaced them yet. Contradiction anyone? Also Lady Gaga owns okay and I'm a hetrosexual male as well. What's more, why couldn't this article actually rebutt any of the pro 2000's points which they did. Most people complaining that all they hear is crap and that the olden days are soooooo good (the 60's and 70's are actually OVERRATED - fact) is purely because the only music they can apprectiate is heavy rock like Led Zepplin etc., sadly. The 21st century has started terrific, want proof? here: Radiohead, Outkast, White Stripes, Eminem, Lady Gaga (yes, I said Lady Gaga), Gnarls Barkley, Gorrillaz, U2, Beyonce (yes, i said her name, i don't care if you insult me), Coldplay, SOAD, M.I.A etc.Ben from New Zealand
its the same here in latin america ..... music died in 1997 when soda stereo split, now there's only that [*censured*] called reggeaton .... i wish the 90s came back because that was the best decade in musicPiero from Ecuador
i agree 100% especially fall out boy. lame band.. but there are bands that were nice. just not mainstream.. like death cab for cutie. ^^Marlon from Philippines
Solid article. Good read, man. The only thing I disagree with is Lady Gaga. I'm not defending her apparent need to be as ridiculous as possible, but she's one of the only talented pop stars left.Josh from Usa
You forgot to mention KARAOKE,because of it being cheap , they take gigs from real musicians.Iggy from Puerto Rico
loved reading this. it's pretty spot on and as a musician myself i agree, we need to figure out a way for more great bands to get "found" now that there's so much of people's music on the internet.Matt from Austin
I Totally agree! It's terrible to see one disposable band after another being presumed as the best of the "generation" and three years after no one remembers them. I'm afraid that the big wheels in the industry are only interested in getting paid and selling more of whatever it takes to keep rich. Also TV, movies and media have a great impact on this: They condition the young people into feeling something and then feed those feelings with a "insta-just-add-water" band. Like a band used to say "We'll create the cure and make the disease".Moises Franco from Mexico
I agree with the worst music of decade
but its not all disasters
you dont have to listen to radio or mainstream
there a few awesome bands that s come out
such as mars volta
frusciante solo albums
zoe keating
theres a big list of non mainstream music which if u guys look u will find
George from Australia
Only progress from the degression of 00' is that we wont have to put up with any more Michael Jackson Music :DJake from Houston
WOW! All I can say is WOW! Who wants to hear a song about cheating on your girlfriend? How about rednecks going to a party (In the U.S.A)? Or some woman(?) taking a ride on a "disco stick"? Apparently all "popular" artists want you to. Kurt Cobain got out just in time sheesh. My advice, pay no attention to the billboard charts and hope 2010-onward is WAY bettrt>.< from A Time With Better Music
Music is the canary in a coalmine. If the music is sick and negative, what does that say about the people buying it?Chris from Hotel Mars
Where's Ian Curtis on the Good Did Die Young List? I agree with most of this, I ussually just curl up with a Floyd vynil and am happy, but I thimk MGMT has a promising career ahead of them. The White Stripes arn't to bad either. haha! Cut Lady Gaga some slack, at least her performances are visually interesting. They said the same thing about early Genisis and Ziggy Stardust, ya know.Noelle from Nyc
The artists listed in this article are exactly why I've retreated to the music of the 1950's - 70's. I swear I'm never coming back to my own generation because it is ALL CRAP.Bethany from Richmond Va
God Bless The Beatles!Jacob from E-town
The reason why the Red Hot Chili Peppers are still popular is because because they're still a great band, they don't need a "replacement."Jon from Jacksonville, Fl
I think you should really get over it. I agree with Shane, good point. I like Nirvana and some of the old stuff, but really, you spit on Metallica, so don't you think we might get bored of all of those old bands and in that case you would be spiting here on them? C'mon. This is called progress. And i know it's lame that anyone can sing these days, but i listen to ppl that sound pretty much same live and on the record.
And i think there are lots of new artist who are good, and because of the internet it's easier to spread your music so it's hard to have ''giants '' like in the time when there was no media as much as today.
Mia from Bosnia
I am a teenager but, I can't stand crummy modern music! I might as well go hide in a cave with my ipod filled with Rush and Pink Floyd.Connor from Dallas
I'm dissappointed that Ian Curtis and Joy Division weren't mentioned in the 'The Good Really Did Die Young' section :( One of the greatest bands ever!!Andy D from London
this is sad because it IS all true. if only those people who died like kurt cobain and layne stanley were still here. also if grunge was back and not that pop and emo crap people listen to.Erin from Warren, Ohio
man the sad thing I know is that practically anywhere you go you here the ridiculous songs of today. when I went to Costa Rica this summer for vacation, I heard the exact same songs you would hear on "MTV" over here. Itsjust annoying how most kids don't even understand what good music is anymore. seriously something has to be done about this. btw im actually a teeneage guy, not some grownup talking.Some Dude from Florida
Go listen to the Beatles, Zeppelin, the Dead, or the Floyd and SAVE YOURSELF!!Marshall from Nc
GREAT points:) this is all very true. a bunch of sucky posers are out there getting rich for having the talent of a wet carrot. and people who actually have talent are stuck in coffee shops.Jalyn from Cleveland Ohio
Yes I totally agree with everything on the list above. I hate the crap today. The only thing thats good were the 70s and 80s, even the 90s. Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, the old Metallica, Nirvana, LED ZEPPELIN. Today's [*oops*] SUCKS
Although I am giving credit to The White Stripes, nothing beats the White Stripes today.
Forget all the what`s hot and what`s not we all need ROCK ROCK AND MORE ROCK MUSIC live or on album cd etc it is still the best and rarely lets you down!Jez from Alton Hampshire England
Well I didn't really expect something like this on a website like this but ok. But I think this is getting blown a bit too much out of proportion. Not all has been that bad in this decade. Poor metallica, ther really getting hit hard by everyone. I for one believe that their latest death magnetic is not bad. To me, it looks as if metallica are trying to reach this massive album sound from the direction they're taking with DM, We'll just wait and see if they succeed, hopefully.Nick from Australia
You kind of contradicted yourself there. First you said the old rockers should step down, but no one has filled there shoes. Then right after that you give a list of rockers who you wished were alive to put out music who would be old rockers you previously said to step down. You even made the comment that people did come in to fill there absence, but before that said no one was filling the old rockers shoes. Which is it?Shane from Oklahoma
I am as frustrated as the next music lover, but there is one thing that this article does not supply, and that is an answer to this rotten music. If you want to help slow the decline of the music culture, STOP SUPPORTING IT! Encourage others to do so as well! Support local bands with REAL talent! Go to a Bar with a local band instead of a Dance Club DJ. Call in to pop music radio stations and voice your objections to the filth they broadcast! You are angry enough to WRITE your opinions and read others, now ACT upon them. Obviously by taking the time to read this article (and the comments below) you are passionate about music. Act on your passions, reject these computer generated noises known as Pop Music, demand more of your local radio stations and record stores! Ignite emotion in others by voicing your opinions! And finally again, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BANDS!Music Aficionado from Here And There
The article is correct as far as the title goes, but I don't think the reasons are quite right. Also, Kurt Cobain did not die from a herion overdose! He shot himself. That is a pretty bad error to make.Anonymous
YES. Classics are the best, and nothing can beat them. That is coming from a teenaged girl!Emily from Ny
I agree with you. Here in Brazil, we're experiencing a boom in the emocore music - whenever you go, there are kids listening to such "musical diarrhea" (as someone said in youtube). "Poker Face", by Lady GaGa and "Halo", by miss Beyoncé (yeah, she is a queen down here!) can be heard anywhere, and I don't know how did I manage to do not go crazy yet. Not to mention the nowadays huge Disney interest in music, following the success of the awful HSM. Here in Brazil this is the trend too, and now every teen-aimed TV program MUST feature a teenage band (if at least they played MUSIC, instead of making annoying noise and crying like babies in the microphone). Horrendus! That's why today I barely watch TV!

But the "Teenies" weren't just disaster, though. "Disturbed" was a good revelation, a good bit of fresh air amidst the many musical catastrophes we've suffered.
Murilo Silva from Brazil
I'm going to nominate the loudness war as this decade's most irritating music-related trend. If I want my music louder, I'll reach for the damn volume knob, thank you very much.Tony from Kansas
It will always be the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Twentieth century music have the classics.20th Century Man from California, Usa
Songfacts.com please stop posting these things. It gives forty and fifty year olds a chance to say how great their music WAS to them. Great, stop insulting my generations music and culture. Classic Rock is top 40 that has been exhausted over a thirty year period. If they call that classic then it does not take much.Josh from Missoula Montana
I totally agree with this article, especially about auto-tune. Some of the greatest artists of all time had horrible voices, such as Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, and, of course, Bob Dylan. My favorite music is classic rock, and I could never imagine what would it had been like if "Like a rolling stone was sung by a robot.Josep from Dubrovnik, Croatia
My greatest disappointment in music was that Oasis split up consequently to Liam loosing his voice.Just the fact that you could see him struggle with his voice live showed me the determination and passion that real musicians have for their music.Just going to the bitter end with it.Sadly as Nirvana, Oasis will never be matched by another band and we can only consolate ourselves with youtube.I had the greatest opportunity to see them live in 2007, but then again how many Oasis fans had the pleasure to see them sing before they broke up ?

And looking at Metallica when clearly their day has passed clinching onto any dollar just to not get forgotten makes me sick
Bogdan from Romania
To me this piece hit the nail fairly sqaure on the head.Anonymous
No one can really defeat the classics. The unauto-tuned classics....*sighs*Kara from Philippines
First, I'd like to say don't diss Lady Gaga. She is weird, but she has some fun songs. Other than that, I agree. Almost all the good bands this decade were indie, Modest Mouse, Interpol, and Arcade Fire. The only "rock" bands I here now are Nickleback and Daughtry, and that isn't very satisfying.Benjamin from Oklahoma
Im 20 years old and listen to classic rock almost exclusively. I gave on on modern rock after the 90's and hip hop died after the gangster rap era. Anyone can 'sing' thanks to technology. All modern rock is some lame vocals regarding some social subject (a woman, daily life, inspirational attempt) and background of distorted chords bass and drum. You cant even appreciate any of the instruments. And honestly if 2000's music was so great than why are all the top grossing tours from bands over 20 years old who are not a tenth what they once were??? Think about it why haven't their been any Zeppelin's or Cream's or Eagle's or Clashes or the Fleetwood Mac's come from this decade; because their music was that much BETTER. I hope the next decade is an improvement cause this one could not have be any worseBryce from Arizona
I've said this before and I'll say it again and again, The 00's are like the 80's, the 80;s had girly hair metal that was supposed to be metal and a lot of pop, we have Emo thats suppoesed to be punk but are just a bunch of pussy guys acting like punks/ girls, posseres we still have pop, the 90's had real music none of this crap we have now, we had bad music cause people are ignorant they just do what every one else is doing just doing whats popular, Hopefully there will be a band this decade that will do what Nirvana did to the hair metal, cept do it to emo, it seems like people have lost a sense of apretion of old music, example Fall out boy likes Nirvana & AIC, but they dont show it, Seether likes Nirvana & AIC to and you can tell,people/bands, are trying to sound like pop(I'm talking bout rock) you know trying to hard to be what people want people got brainwashed, Nirvana never tried to be what people wanted and look how big they were, I also think itunes ruined the music, before people got c-ds/albums, now people just download the popular song by that artist, they dont apreciate their other songs, I bet most teens now that say they like Nirvana dont even know Milk It or Serve the Servants or Blew, of corse there are teens like me (17) that actually listen to whole albums and have whole albums on my zune remember when panic at the disco came out every one liked them, what happened to them now, we just need something real like what happened in the early 90shair metal out Grunge inAnthony from Fl
I'm sixteen, this music's main demographic and I couldn't agree with you more!!! You wrote everything I was thinking. For me no decade is as good as the previous one, but to go from the '90s, which was pretty good, all the way to this is disgusting. We need artists that care about sharing music, not about being famous. Indie is the only way to go these days. And another reason music is going down the crapper is because radio stations all play the same exact music. At any given time at least 3 stations are playing the same exact song. I don't wanna listen to a frickin robot or different variations of beeping , or shallow lyrics with no symbolism, and no interpretation required. Thats part of the fun of music interpreting lyrics, but it takes absolutely no thinking whatsoever to interpret lines like, "I wanna take a ride on your disco-stick" like seriously that's as deep as it gets. And how do we expect kids to want to learn how to play musical instruments anymore, when they don't even exist in the music they listen to, they'll all want to learn how to play the computer. And it's not even that I hate rap or hip-hop, because there was a time when it was actually great, in the '80s and '90s with people like 2pac and Run D.M.C. when rap actually had substance and emotion, but now apparently all people care about is slapping a hoe. We need to culture generation z or else they're gonna grow up thinking this is what classic music is. Parents I urge you to force your children to listen to bands like The Velvet Underground, The Byrds, Bob Dylan, and obviously The Beatles.Bailey from Mclellan
I would just like to say that Metallica still rocks. And, you can't beat the classics. And finally, I agree with them that albums are worth buying.Austin from Greeley, Co
Sure you don't have much to say about Lady Gaga yet, she is new on the scene. But from my standpoint, that of a freshmen in high school, Lady Gaga is a popularity statement. Sure she has some talent, its a shame she hides it mostly behind auto tuning and other synthesized music, but from what I've seen and who I've talked to, Lady Gaga is only liked by the girls who would be considered the annoying, stuck-up, "popular" crowd. She's like a lot of music today, a fad. My vote will always be music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. You know its the golden age of music when it still has a strong following among today's youth, although I am unfortunately noticing a sort of "comeback" to this as some of the "popular" crowd plays rockband and guitar hero. I can't help but think to myself, "I LIKED IT BEFORE IT WAS COOL!"Alister from Nj
I agree with a lot of this article, but at the same time, maybe it's just a change in music. Yes if you're huge fans of older music you probably aren't going to like newer stuff that sounds completely different. I enjoy a lot of totally varying musical styles, from 60's 70's era classic rock, to mainstream hip hop, to more emo-influenced pop rock. Sometimes people get too caught up trying to bash anything mainstream for the sake of feeling unique or original. I don't like when people think artists like Soulja Boy or Nickelback are the greatest things ever, but I don't like it when people refuse to enjoy something cause they feel it's "too mainstream." Basically, enjoy whatever music feels suits your taste, stop trying to too hard be something no matter which direction you fall.

For example, I enjoy a lot of lesser known indie bands, but I'm not ashamed to be a fan of a lot of Lil' Wayne songs, I don't think they're some amazing industry changing music, I just enjoy it for what it is. Again, just enjoy whatever music you feel is good. For every idiot who only listens to the Top 40 overplayed songs, I know someone who purposely tries to say how much they love for example The Beatles, just to try and be "sophisticated" in their music tastes. For me, I love a lot of different music, but I doubt I'll ever find a band that I love everything they put out. I just pick and choose what songs sound good to me...
Jimmy from Illinois
I was agreeing right up until you called Iron Maiden till being around "Embarrassing". Totally not true. Their past three albums were their best yet. Other than that entire section I agree greatly.Scott from Edmonton, Canada
I tend to be a little too music-snobby for my own good, but even I can't deny my love for Britney. Come on. She's a legend.Ella
Wow, ixnay on the casual racism, yea? Kanye West and Lil' Wayne have NO socially redeeming qualities? Apart from being the 2 best mainstream rappers alive today? And there's no good hip hop left? Go listen to Madvillain, or the last 3 Outkast records. They were all made during the last decade. Also, does EVERYBODY hate Prince? I was under the impression that he was one of the handful of most-acclaimed performers of the past quarter century. Plus Metallica? They've only been among the most popular bands on Earth for twenty years.Anonymous
I agree with a lot of this article. Music just isn't the same anymore. Everybody is trying to sound like everybody. What ever happen to creativity and originality? There has been one bright side of the 2000's and that's Mastodon. They're probably the best metal band since Pantera. Anyone who likes metal or just real good music overall should check them out. Their not like all the screamo bands which try to play faster and louder than each other.Tristan from Bay Area
Ozzy Osbourne actually said that he would release two more albums and then retire.Jay from Raleigh
I'm going to say I agree greatly with this article. I thought it was me, having now reached 46, and not being turned on by a lot of new music. Apart from Antony and the Johnsons, 2009 seemed a dismal year. The Simon and Garfunkel concert I attended here in Japan was a musical highlight, as were the Beatles reissues! As great as they are, why can't the new stuff comptete? The world needs a new musical revolution and quick! Otherwise, we're stuck with pre-fab throwaway pop that simply stinks.

And yes, I own a portable music player; and no, it is not an iPod at least!
Tim from Canada--via Japan
first of all, RHCP shouldn't be classified with Ozzy and AC/DC. AC/DC was founded 10 years earlier than RHCP.Zach from Ga
Well, low bit rate MP3s do suck, but higher rates, like 320kbps or even better formats like FLAC are much better to listen to...that is, if you have something besides an iPod...Brad from Barry, Texas Usa
at least gaga has some semblance of talent. i agree that she's gone overboard on pushing the pop diva image - probably to draw attention away from her protrusive proboscis (you liked the alliteration).Lisa from Ny
All I have to say is thank you, thank you, thank you, for this. It is the absolute truth 100%. If I put this on facebook, I'd probably get flamed to death.Laura from St. Louis, Mo
haha that crying baby sounds exactly like Jay Sean lol!Elasticheart
100% right. i started listening to more and more beatles as the music got worse.Kate
I agree with 98% of this. what a pitiful decade for pop music it was. There are however, surely more targets that could have been hit, there were some awful 'artists' out there.Sean Keenan from Australia
Wow. I've been complaining about this for years! Auto-tune, disposable bands/artists, bands WAY past their expiration date (Aerosmith, Ozzy and The Rolling Stones, to name just a few).

I am a HUGE fan of music from the 70's-90's and absolutely love Motown. Music today just doesn't have the same emotion driving it. Tours have become more of a production (like a musical) than a tour. It's degrading to the making of music in general. Watching an artist lip-sync their material and have no musicians onstage while hearing said music is patronizing. What, you think we're that stupid? Music and lyrics while the singer/artist is dancing WITHOUT a microphone? Wow, it's magic.

I lament the fact that many of the best artists of the '90s died early. Artists with ACTUAL talent. Now, we have artists with huge corporate backers (Disney)that put out a pristine, wholesome image that even the Pope couldn't find fault with just so we can skim the allowance out of the pockets of your child. Does ANYBODY out there REALLY think that the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus or anybody from Camp Rock is talented? You do? Shame on you, and clean the [*oops*] out of your ears!

What we have now is the bane of any music lover: corporate rock. Those used to be fightin' words, now they're the norm. Nickelback, you SUCK. All of your songs sound the same, and just because you don't give interviews, doesn't make you mysterious or sought after. You STILL SUCK. And, while you're at it, learn more than one song!

Simple math: great band+drugs+alcohol+groupies=AWESOME music (i.e. Fleetwood Mac, Cream, Hendrix, Guns'n'Roses, Metallica)
great band+rehab+short hair+marriage+kids=DECLINE in musical quality and ability (i.e. Metallica, Everclear, Guns'n'Roses new line up.)

What passes for good, quality artists? Nickelback, Papa Roach, Country artists that are more pop than country (try some Johnny Cash, Porter Wagoner, Dwight Yoakam, Waylon or Willie if you want some REAL COUNTRY) and anything Disney wants to shove down your throat.

Wake up musicians and record companies! Want to know why your sales have been declining? Because you have failed to SHOCK us into listening! You've failed to produce consistent quality music that we simply cannot resist purchasing! One good song on an album is NOT enough! One good album is NOT enough! I as a consumer am demanding more!
John from Bay City
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