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Track By Track: Buzz Cason - Passion

Buzz Cason, the man who co-wrote Everlasting Love, is back with a new album, Passion. Cason, 77, is one of the most durable songwriters we've met, with hits that span generations. After touring in Brenda Lee's band in the early '60s, he spent the rest of the decade crafting pop songs for Jan & Dean and other ampersanded acts with names like Buzz & Bucky, Jay Bentley & The Jet Set, and Ronny & The Daytonas. A Nashville native, he moved on to country where he continued to make his mark as a songwriter, but also as a backup singer, publisher, producer and solo artist. Remarkably, he landed another Hot 100 hit in 2000 when Martina McBride took his track Love's the Only House to #42 (it made #3 on the Country chart).

As a septuagenarian, his solo output picked up, with albums in 2014 (Troubadour Heart) and 2015 (Record Machine) leading up to Passion, which he recorded with his son, Parker. Learn more about Buzz in our 2015 interview. Here, he breaks down the tracks on Passion, which is available on iTunes.

1) "Passion"

When you have been blessed with many "material things" and the years that go with them, you see life on a different light. This song is about the little things in life that mean the most to me. Nice fiddle work on this track by multi talented Wanda Vick.

2) "Bread"

The meaning of this song is untwined in spiritual meaning as well as personal thought. Interestingly cool guitar fills by my son, Parker Cason, on the track.

3) "Will You Love Me"

Jim Thistle kicks this one off with a savage drum cadence! A basic rock vignette which was fun to record. Vocals at the top of my range and intense guitar work from Colin Whinnery and features a bass solo by Brian Grassmeyer.

4) "Walkin'"

Co-written with Parker, who also co-produced the track. He also plays lead guitar as well as piano. Footsteps heard on the chorus were recorded in the Art Deco restroom at Nashville's Historic Hermitage Hotel!

5) "That's The Way It Is"

One of my favorites, song-wise, this is a simple production on a lean but meaningful idea. Once again, outstanding guitar work by Parker.

6) "Like A Dog"

Total joy in recording this rocker, which has a taste of old Creedence Clearwater Revival records. Colin and Parker playfully fight it out on the lead guitars!

7) "Just As Gone"

This song was so delightful to put together with old friend, Billy Swan and recording it was equally fun with Anthony Crawford (Sugarcane Jane) in Loxley Alabama. Once again, as on my past records, Anthony played almost all the instruments on the track.

8) "The Ballad Of Berry Hill"

A bio-fantasy centered around our little village in Nashville, Berry Hill. Wanda Vick carries the track with banjo, fiddle, guitar and mandolin, supported by Bryan Grassmeyer's upright bass and Jim Thistles "leg pats."

9) "Escape"

A story song wrapped around the tale of two young folks "breaking away " from their mundane existence and the excitement that awaits them. Strong triple track guitar work by Colin Whinnery here.

10) "Fear"

Beatle influence is hard to deny on this one. A sort of message song with fun harmonies. More outstanding guitar work by Colin.

11) "We Soldiered On"

Kudos to the Love Notes band (my live performance group) for hanging in with me on a track that took more than usual to get down. Also thanks to engineer, Joe Funderburk for his patience and vast talents in making this record possible. Great guitar sounds from Parker during solo sections.

February 17, 2017
Photo: Tessa Blackwell

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