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Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson

Album: BadReleased: 1987Charted:
  • This song is about making a change and realizing that it has to start with you. It was one of just two songs on the Bad album that Jackson didn't write. The song was written by Siedah Garrett and Glen Ballard, and Garret also sang backup on the track. Ballard went on to write and produce for Alanis Morissette and Dave Matthews. Garrett also sang on Jackson's "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" and later joined the Brand New Heavies.
  • Jackson and his producer Quincy Jones chose this song for the album after looking for "an anthem" that as Jones said would spread some "sunshine on the world." He invited some songwriters from his publishing company to present songs, and they chose this one.
  • This was the fourth of 5 US #1 hits from the Bad album.
  • The Andrae Crouch Gospel Choir sang on this. They also appeared on Madonna's "Like A Prayer" and Rick Astley's "Cry For Help."
  • In the first UK singles chart after the death of Michael Jackson, this re-entered at #11, the highest position of Jackson's sixteen entries in the top 75. This was a surprise because it only reached #21 on its original release. The following week it climbed to #2, the highest of Jackson's record breaking 27 songs in the UK Top 75, (including several with the Jackson 5/The Jacksons).
  • The song's lyricist, Siedah Garrett, was a member of the Quincy Jones-produced five-piece, Deco, when she penned this tune. She had never written a song before when Jones invited her along to a meeting with other songwriters at the producer's home to come up with material for Jackson's next album. The appointment was for 11am, but as Garrett explained to author Adam White, she arrived an hour late. "I got lost," she explained. Once she eventually arrived Jones told the assembled company. "I just want hits, that's all I want."
    Garrett took the commission to her writing partner, the then little known Glen Ballard, who later achieved enormous success as a co-writer and producer with Alanis Morrisette on her first albums. "I sat down and started playing a figure on the keyboard and Siedah opened up her notebook," Ballard recalled to SongTalk magazine. Garrett caught Ballard's attention with some lyrics about a man looking in the mirror. She told SongTalk that she had been holding onto the title "for about a year. I have a book and when I hear things that I like, I write it down. I keep a pad in my car at all times."

    By the end of the week the pair had completed a demo, with Garrett's guide vocal. Garrett recalled to SongTalk the rest of the song's story: "We had the demo of the song done on a Friday evening. Knowing that Quincy Jones' offices were going to be closed until Monday, I called [Quincy] and said, 'I can't wait until Monday.' He told me to bring the tape over. I did. Four hours later – four hours! – he called me. He said, 'Baby, the song is great. It's really good. But– ' I said, 'But what?' And he said, 'I don't know. I've been playing songs for Michael for two years. And he has yet to accept an outside song.'
    Three days later I got a call from Quincy and he told me that Michael loved the song and wanted to cut it. I screamed! Couldn't believe it.
    Then he said that Michael had a great idea for the background; he's gonna have the Winans and Andre Crouch an a choir. Then he said, 'and I might be able to squeeze you in on that.' I said, 'Q Babe! Thanks!' [Laughs]
    A few days before the session I got a call from Quincy. He told me Michael wanted to extend the bridge and needed some new lyrics for it. And he was trying to tell me the message that should be in these new lyrics. He would say, 'Michael wants so-and-so,' and then, in the background I would hear, [softly and high-pitched] 'Mmmrrrmmrr…' And it was Michael, you know?
    This went on for a little while, with Quincy translating for Michael. Finally, Quincy says, 'Hold on,' and puts Michael Jackson on the phone, right? I'm home cooking dinner, right? And inside I'm like 'OMIGOD!! It's MICHAEL JACKSON!!' But on the phone I'm like [softly and coolly], 'Yes, Michael?' Really cool, you know?
    He said, 'I love your song and I think you have a great voice.'
    I said, 'Wow. Thanks! Thanks for doing it, dude!' [Laughs]
    So Michael tells me what he wants and I take off to find the answer to his dilemma in the bridge. I came up with three different ideas for the part. But then the song turned out to be long anyway, that they never used it. So it's pretty much as it was in demo form with the exception of the key change."
    Jackson was so impressed by the soulful beauty of Garrett's voice on the demo that he immediately enlisted her to sing a duet with him on "I Just Can't Stop Loving You."
  • Garrett explained to SongTalk how she asked God for some divine inspiration for this song: "I said, 'I want to write a song for Michael Jackson.' Since I wanted Michael to know who I was, I was thinking in my mind, 'What can I say to him that he wouldn't be afraid to say to the rest of the world?' And this song came through. [Claps hands and laughs.]"

    When Jackson asked Garrett where she got the idea for the song, she replied that she asked God for it. Said Garrett: "My answer to him was that 'I asked for it.' I didn't mention God because I didn't know where he was as far as religion goes. But he knewwho I was talking about. I didn't ask my neighbor George for it!"
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Comments: 18

Can anybody tell me what the real lyric is, the one quoted as "a summer's disregard"? I keep reading this on different lyrics sites, but I know they just copy one from another. The phrase makes no sense; has anybody figured it out? Thanks!Cher - Enumclaw, Wa
Just sent up my Facebook.....Roberto Bolero......Stay tune for more Michael Jackson Fact. Siedah Garrett, co-writer of "Man In The Mirror" is getting ready for her one-woman show to tell stories of MJ and her experiences in Los Angeles in the Fall of 2013.Roberto - Valencia, Ca
Michael Jackson was an incredible human being. As a member of the Andrae Crouch management team and singers group, I arranged the Man In The Mirror session with the help of Michael's assistant and took exclusive photos. One of which you can see in the new release of BAD 25. I am the guy in the white shirt to the right with the mustache. This record has sold over 45 million copies worldwide. It took us a week to workout the vocal arrangements, then we went directly to the session at Westlake Studios on Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. Many stories to tell. It was a very exciting time. Naturally, we met with Michael and Quincy first at Westlake's Beverly Blvd Studio to discuss the song then we went to work. Later I was invited to Michael's home three times. Attended twice in Neverland and the last was just before his death to present new songs for his album. That got rescheduled for the following week at my recommendation and two days later he was gone. However, the three songs are recorded and will eventually be released..Roberto - Valencia, Ca
I remember the video,It had all sorts of news like Baby Jessica mcClure This is a beautiful song. You'll be missed Michael!Jennifer Harris - Grand Blanc, Mi
i'm in 7th grade and my teacher plays this song .all most every one like this song .Zoey - Amesville, Oh
This song is one of my favorite songs in the world. It's on my top. I love Michael Jackson, we of course all miss him, his music is still alive, and this song will forever be playing:) love this song. Flawless. Michael OWNED. period:)Lacey - Chicago, Il
Great song MichaelSam - Seal Beach, Ca
This is a GREAT song and has really touched me life!!
R.I.P Mivhael Jackson
Brittany - Fleming County, Ky
He was one unique talent and a top-notch entertainer! R.I.P. Michael Jackson. I will miss you.Micky - Los Angeles, Ca
amazing song RIP Michael xXxNoreen - Galway, Ireland
thought Jackson wrote this one , oh well , great song with a very profound meaningPete - Nowra, Australia
Ive always liked this song. RIP M.J. 7/3/09.James - Yucaipa, Ca
This song is one of the best songs Michael wrote and i just wanted ppl to know it is special to me and will always be number 1 to me!Deborah - Kingston, Ny
This song is a bit over-rated but still touching.Theresa - Murfreesboro, Tn
What a beautiful song...and yes its the TRUTH! Always start with YOU and make this world a stronger, more liveable place. Although Michael was misunderstood for his legal problems...he was still a wonderful, true, innonect lost soul! I miss him dearly and hope he is free from any prejudices now in heaven! God Bless Him! RIP Michael Jackson!Tricia - Rockville Centre, Ny
Co-writer Siedah Garrett co-wrote two Oscar nominated songs for the movie version of DREAMGIRLS ("Love You I Do" and "Patience").John - Nashville, Tn
Heh heh! I've been waiting for this to show up on Songfacts for a long time!Matthew - Milford, Ma
a south african artist, redd angel, did an amazing cover of this song. he was well on his way to securing an international record label contract when he was tragically murdered in 2006.Theo - Johannesburg, South Africa