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Who Killed Davey Moore? by Bob Dylan

Album: The Bootleg SeriesReleased: 1963
  • David S. "Davey" Moore (1933-1963) was an American world-champion boxer who fought professionally 1953-1963. Moore died March 23, 1963, as a result of injuries sustained in a match against Sugar Ramos. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Derek - Sarnia, Canada
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Comments: 2

I like this song even though I disagree with its logic.2112 - Mahopac, Ny
This comment is for Bob Dylan. I am the 5th born of Davey Moore 1933-1963. I was born September 19th 1960. My name is Davia S. Moore (Mills) please e-mail me at davia_mills@hotmail.comDavia - Springfield, Oh
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