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Seminole Wind


John Anderson

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John Anderson was born in Florida. "Seminole Wind" is about the native Americans (Seminoles) in Florida. (thanks, Don - B G, KY)
John Anderson
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Comments (4):

Absolutely incredible song. I understand it's about the plight of the Seminole Indians. However, I 'd always heard that the "Seminole Winds" were about "winds of change". This song was very popular when I learned my husband and I had finally conceived a child after trying for two years. At one point, we'd both resigned ourselves to being childless, altho we still tried for a baby. So when the magic happened, our whole outlook on life took this huge shift while we adjusted our life around this new, uncharted territory we were heading in to. As I associated the song with change, I would sing it as if I was being sent into my future with the Seminole winds swirling around me. Our child is now in college and has been the most incredible gift we've ever received.
- Camille, Toronto, OH
As a resident of Central Florida's Seminole County, I can tell you that some of us get nervous, whenever we hear this tune on the radio. The wind seldom blows here in this swampy climate away from the coast...unless it's a hurricane.
- Leah, Brooklyn, NY
Seminole Wind is all about progress and the destruction of natural habitat.
- Briar, Hazard, KY
As much as this song is about the Seminole Indians, it speaks volumes about the loss of habitat at the expense of what is called 'progress'. Great song John.
- Wayne, Crockett, TX
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