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Oh, Father



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This song is about a woman who was abused by her father in her childhood. Some of the material for the video was autobiographical, which led to questions about her relationship with her father, to which Madonna replied it was about her coming to terms with all the men in her life who had hurt her. She added that her own father had never asked about the song and they had never spoken of it.
The black-and-white video was influenced by the photography in the movie Citizen Kane. (thanks, Mike - Santa Barbara, CA, for above 2)
The single did poorly as a commercial release, ending Madonna's streak of 18 Top 10 hits in the US. However it reached #1 in South Africa. In the UK it wasn't released as a single until 1995 when it was issued to promote her compilation album Something To Remember.
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Comments (5):

The video for this song was directed by David Fincher, who directed also Madonna's Express Yourself. In fact, he was a very prolific video director, before he began filming feature films, like SE7EN and THE SOCIAL NETWORK.
- julio, San Jose, Costa Rica
My mother cried when she saw the video for this.
- Ekristheh, Halath, United States
Oh Father-beautiful and sad Ciccone ballad about all the men that have betrayed and cheated Madonna in her life. The first Madonna tune to scream "A victim of a kind of rage!" Well done and absolutely brilliant, Madge!
- Leo, Westminster 1, MD
This song is hauntingly beautiful, some of Madonna's strongest vocals.
- Theresa, Murfreesboro, TN
a much more mature approach to father-daughter relationship than "Papa don't preach"
- Daniel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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