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The Song Is Over by The Who

Album: Who's NextReleased: 1971
  • "The Song Is Over" was to be the finale to the Lifehouse movie, beginning as Bobby and the crowd vanish and continuing through the end credits.
  • The song quotes from "Pure and Easy" in its final bars, and from a 1967 song called "Party Piece for Rael" which Townshend wrote for his never-finished rock opera Rael.
  • Pete Townshend's original version can be heard on his 1999 solo album Lifehouse Chronicles. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Fintan - Manchester, England, for all above
  • Nicky Hopkins plays piano on this song. Hopkins recorded and performed on many notable British and American Pop and Rock music releases from the 1960s through the 1990s including many Rolling Stones songs. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
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Comments: 4

The best of the "B" songs ever recorded by The Who!! Keith Moon is absolutely fantastic!!Tony - Delran, Nj
I agree Jacko. Great observation. Spectacular drumming!Gerard - Ronkonkoma, Ny
This song has one of the best drum lines ever from probably the best drummers in the history of rock.Keith Moon/John Bonham - hard to separate them,absolute classic.Jacko - London, England
This is one of Pete's pure, classic, perfect, timeless songs from the Tommy/Lifehouse period.Guy - Woodinville, Wa
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