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Bleed It Out


Linkin Park

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Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda in Kerrang! Magazine: "I wrote the lyrics to this about 100 times. it's always frustrating as a lyricist to come in with a new version that you spent hours on and have the band tell you that it's not there yet. in one case, they listened to my lyrics for 30 seconds and told me to start over again. that was pretty hard. it felt like I was bringing in the lyrics, getting punched in the face and then going back to the drawing board. When it finally came together I said to the band 'I don't think anyone but us could have made a song like this'. It's a f--king bizarre death-party-rap-hoedown!"
Linkin Park
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Comments (15):

A great live version of this song is the one they did at Madison Square Garden Feb. 2011 that was broadcast on fuse. You can see it on youtube. I was at that concert and it was awesome!
- Zero, Nowhere, NJ
It's about how hard it is to write songs sometimes.

Both Mike and Chester have said it in interviews.
- Beau, Phoenix, AZ
scott has a point. the reason i like LP is because they stand out. i actually HATE pop music because there is no point to it. like the song "magic" by the band "bob". is has absolutely NO POINT!!!!
- Seth, Under your bed..., MN
I honestly did not see that before, but from a fan's standpoint, it's not a surprise that Shinoda chose to use suicidal imagery to move his point forward. My personal opinion is that it once was something about suicide, but began to turn into something about the ingratitude the fans have for the band. But that's why they're there and we're here. They make the music we like, we like the music they make. If the song were as bad as the original draft, we would probably lose faith in the band.
- Fabio, New Orleans, LA
It's so obvious what this song is about just listening to the lyrics. Suicide, throw the grenade up and let it shine? Find a place to hang this noose(The rope you get hung with)? Dug a trench out and laid there, wait for someone to pour it in? Shotgun Opera, lock and load, Cock it back and then watch it go. All suicide, very obvious to all you that don't know.
- Chris, Canberra, Australia
Scott is right. In the bridge he talks about how he puts himself through so much pain to write about past experiences ("I've opened up these scars"), but no one cares.
- Nick, Landisburg, PA
If you think about this song from the standpoint of the lyricist, the meaning is very clear. The lyricist digs deep into his soul to create a meaningful song, but all the audience cares about is how catchy the chorus is. Essentially it says, "I'm dying here! I pouring out my soul, screaming out my pain, and all you care about is whether you can dance to it or not!" It doesn't surprise me, though, that most people don't get it -- in fact, it actually proves the point.
- Scott, Dallas, TX
Easter Egg: If anyone has a sound-editing software, amplify the wave of this song by 12 dB from 0:00 to approximately 0:14, before Mike Shinoda starts to sing. You will hear two men going upstairs of the bar, talking together and then open the bar doors.
- Thomas, Surabaya, Indonesia
I've bled it out myself guys( Mike and Chester) i've cut myself a few times. I just dig deeper and deeper just to throw the razorblade away! It' similar to "Numb"
- Kitty, Montreal, QC
This song is about tampon use. It's said that Shinoda had a partially traumatic experience in a public restroom over 5 years ago. This information was released during a slightly out-of-hand conference following a live performance in Detroit.
- Owej, Johnsonville, HI
i don't understand wtf is this about and it's one of my least favorite songs by Linkin Park.But it's a great song.
- Jana, Skopje, Macedonia
I think It's about someone who got hung.
- Steve, College Park, MD
this song represents art and how free you SHOULD be when creating something....
- Jenna, ames, IA
this song is kool
- Mikala, Sacramento, CA
this is a great song about the problems of our world today and the problems of 3rd world contries.
- james, hollis, NH
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