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Tougher Than The Rest


Bruce Springsteen

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This song finds Springsteen telling his lover that he will find a way to stick it out and be there for her.
This was one of the few Springsteen songs to sell better in England than the US.
This was the third single off Tunnel Of Love, an album recorded while Springsteen's first marriage, to Julianne Phillips, was in trouble.
Springsteen recorded this in his home studio in Rumson, New Jersey.
Emmylou Harris covered this in 1990. UK group Everything But The Girl covered it in 1992, and Country singer Chris LeDoux recorded it for his 1994 album Haywire. (thanks, Julian - Oakland, AR)
Bruce Springsteen
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Comments (10):

When I first got Tunnel Of Love in '87 and heard this I knew he was in trouble with his marriage..
- Jim, Long Beach, CA
Chris LeDoux is the country singer you're referring to. Great version as well.
- Julian, Oakland, AR
This is a song that gets better as I get older, the video is fantastic (which I hadn't seen til recently). Powerful lyrics...
- Tim, Springfield, IL
Covered by a country and western singer. I forget the name but it fit with the bullrider image.
- Bruce, Johnstown, PA
It's still a good song, though!
- Matthew, Milford, MA
...Darn, I was expecting a more energetic beat...
- Matthew, Milford, MA
Bruce can write about love without being all whiny. If only all young dudes would listen to this things would go a lot smoother with their relationships. It take a MAN to handle all that gets thrown at you. HONEST SONG!
- dave, san antonio, TX
What a song. "Maybe your other boyfriends couldn't pass the test" what a line, and it hit home with so many of my relationships when I was younger. Chimes of Freedom album has a great live version on there.
- Josh, Terre Haute, IN
This song was the best pick up line the world has ever seen. Try watching an old concert video and have a look at the looks Bruce sends Patti while doing this song!
- Roy, Bergen, Norway
A Beautiful love song, one of the few love songs I actually like.
- Kyle, Belleville, Canada
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