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This Is It by Kenny Loggins

Album: Keep The FireReleased: 1979Charted:
  • Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald wrote this after Kenny's father had a serious heart problem and didn't' know what to do about it. So they came up with this song about a man who is suffering terrible pain, looks to find his miracle and needs to "stand up and fight."
  • After Loggins won a Grammy for the song in 1980 (Best Male Pop Vocal) he played it for his father, who lived 4 more years.
  • Michael McDonald sang backup and played keyboards on the track. The two also collaborated on "What a Fool Believes." McDonald would go on to write several other songs for Loggins (and vice versa).
  • The Gospel singer Kirk Franklin rewrote this song as "Declaration (This is It)." for his 2007 album The Fight Of My Life. Franklin's version is about faith in God. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Sara - Silver Spring, MD, for all above
  • Kenny Loggins spoke to American Songwriter magazine November/December 1987 about this song: "The best musical statements are usually the ones that aren't calculated and the ones that come out in the largest chunks. Michael McDonald and I must have written 'This Is It' four times. The first three times it was a love song, 'Baby I this, baby I that…,' and we both said, 'Eh! This is boring. This song is not working as a love song.'
    Then I had a fight with my dad when he was going into the hospital because he gave me the feeling that he was ready to check out. He'd given up, he wasn't thinking in terms of the future, and I was so pissed at him. It was real emotional. That afternoon, I was meeting with Michael to work on new tunes and I walked in and said, 'Man, I got it. It's "This Is It".' And Michael said, 'This is it?' I said, 'Trust me. This is it.' But that one took a while.
    And then one review said it was your average boy-girl song and the writer didn't understand why people were making such a big deal out of it. The fact of the matter was, he didn't understand the song and it didn't move him because he wasn't in a situation to be moved. But immediately after that, I got a letter from a girl who had just recently gotten out of the hospital from a life-and-death situation and that was her anthem. She was holding onto it. That means so much more to me. She hadn't read the press about my father or anything. All she knew was that the song was on the nose for her, exactly what Michael and I intended. That makes you feel like you're doing something important."
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Comments: 7

The song was originally to be about boy-girl relationship.Sara - Silver Spring, Md
I saw an interview with Kenny Loggins. He said parts of this song were inspired by his father, who being in the hospital had said something to the effect that he was ready to die, and he was ready to give up. This frustrated Kenny to the point that he said something along the lines of "Look, This is it. If you choose to give up that's your decision" I got the feeling that his father had a case of the PLOMS (poor little old me) I understand completely since I have a relative who's the same way.Ac - San Jose, Ca
I think most of us realise that this has nothing to with medical conditions. I heard the story behind this hit record on Dick Clark's then "Countdown America" on an AC radio station in South Dakota back in 1992. It was during the spotlight on Kenny Loggins. Anyway, I remember Kenny explaining that he wrote this song BECAUSE of his father's medical condition. And yes it is certainly about making decisions,taking a stand and fighting. This was what he told his father while he was in hospital getting treated for his condition.Eugene - Minneapolis, Mn
It has been used for various college basketball playoffs.Sara - Silver Spring, Md
michael mcdonald's beard and hair ruled.Jeff - Austin, Tx
What a great song! Really takes me back to a wonderful era of pop hits produced in the early '80s. The beginning of this song always gives me chills.Barry - Greenville, Nc
It has nothing to do with medical conditions. It is about making decisions.
Michael McDonald should have recorded it (instead of the long version by the once popular Millie Jackson) although he has performed it onstage with Mr. Loggins.
Declaration (This is It) is actually a sample of THIS IS IT.
Sara - Silver Spring, Md
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