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Murder Incorporated by Bruce Springsteen

Album: Greatest HitsReleased: 1995
  • Recorded in 1982 at the Born In The USA sessions, this was remixed by Bob Clearmountain in 1994 and finally released the next year on Greatest Hits.
  • At one time this was going to be the title track to Springsteen's 1984 album. He decided on Born In The USA instead.
  • The lyrics are about how murder has been incorporated into society to the point where violence is accepted.
  • Springsteen performed this in concert years before it was released.
  • The title was taken from a 1960 movie starring Peter Falk. Springsteen also got the title for his song "Badlands" from a movie.
  • The video was directed by Jonathan Demme. Springsteen wrote "Streets Of Philadelphia" for Demme's movie, Philadelphia, a year earlier.
  • The E-Street Band performed together for the first time in 7 years at the shoot for this video. They played it 6 times during the shoot at Tramps in New York.
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Comments: 5

On February 21st 1995, for the first time in seven years, Bruce Springsteen performed live with the E Street Band, the venue was the Tramps Nightclub in New York City...
"Murder Incorporated" would be the first song performed in a thirteen song set...
Thirty-five years earlier in 1960 Peter Falk would receive a 'Best Supporting Actor'* nomination for the movie 'Murder, Inc.'...
* Lost to another Peter; Peter Ustinov for 'Spartacus'.
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
In my opinion, if Bruce actually fitted in this hit in the Born In The USA album. I think it will be without a doubt his 1st No.1 hit!Aaron - Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Corporate assassinations... yeah, I can see it happening. You ever heard the phrase, "make it look like an accident"?Matthew - Milford, Ma
Does anything it may actually been referencing the actual Murder Inc of the 30's-40's mob era?Ken - Oswego, Il
an interesting side-note on my part: about a week ago, i was researching the death penalty online for a school project and at the same time, i was listening to my bruce springsteen's greatest hits that i had just ripped onto my computer. as i was reading about the death penalty, i double-clicked on the song 'secret garden', but instead, 'murder inc.' started playing. as it turns out, the song names had been switched when my computer ripped it and i didnt notice it until then. very ironic, huh?......Reed - Hagerstown, In