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For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her


Simon & Garfunkel

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This short song is one of the duo's most romantic ballads. A man looks for the love of his life, wondering what it will be like when they meet again. It's very simple and brief, but very heartfelt. (thanks, Mike - Santa Barbara, CA)
Simon said in a 1990 interview with SongTalk magazine: "Artie likes that song an awful lot. He liked to sing it. Well, it was a very romantic song but I don't like it."
Simon & Garfunkel
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Comments (15):

Like many on here this is one of my favorite S & G songs. I decided that if I was every fortunate enough to have a little girl this would be her name. My wife lovingly obliged and today we have a beautiful little girl named Emily. I play this song to her on YouTube and explain that this is where her name came from.
It's a Daddy / Daughter thing we share.....

Michael, Montreal
- Michael, Montreal,Que., Canada
Listen to all of the lyrics to this most wonderful song, and notice that when he wakes up from the dream, (reference the first line) Emily is right there beside him. How did some of you miss that? Warm and near, kissed her honey hair with grateful tears? The title isn't as descriptive as the lyrics. Just take the whole song into account, and it all makes great sense.This beautiful poem set to unbelivable music is the kind of song that needs to be listened to at least four times in a row. I just read that Paul Simon doesn't even like the song. How can someone who has written such a gem, and one of the most romantic songs ever written, not like it? As far as Art Garfunkel goes, he's the only one that can do it justice. God gave him a truly beautiful and golden voice. Paul should be grateful for Art's sensitive, soulful and loving treatment of the song. I don't care what Mr. Simon thinks of his own song...I love it! Jenna
- Jenna, Bethalto, IL
My favorite S&G song, when we married {1968} my wife and I decided if we ever had a daughter, this was going to be her name. No such luck, all sons!!!
- Barry, Sauquoit, NY
They always had grreat lyrics too.
- Harold, San Bernadino, CA
Rick Nelson covered this on his "Perspective" album.
- Sara, Greenville, AL
In my mind's eye, this is the very best S & G song.
- Adam, West Palm Beach, FL
When it comes to FOR EMILY, WHEREVER I MAY FIND HER I cannot sing this; I have a beautiful daughter named Emily, who's a bright, brilliant kid. I sing at open mics and I have to leave the room if I sing this; I may be a sap, but I love my baby girl.
- Mark, Warwick, RI
This is a song you'd swear you'd heard before when you hear it for the first time. It was instantly one of my favorite songs the day I first heard it. I named my daughter after it and have met two other girls that were also called Emily in honor of this song. Although I agree with Kevin about how Artie ought to thank Paul for writing wonderful songs for him; he made every song Simon ever gave him better than anyone else could. I would personally never "stiff" my best childhood friend the way Paul did Art...what, for more money and to not be thought of as half of a team??? Come on, did he really not know that everyone knew he was the writing talent? I just feel cheated out of all the wonderful music they would doubtless have continued to make. Paul is still the man and he has made my life more enjoyable than it ever would have otherwise been.
- Steve, Salt Lake City, UT
This song is really about a man who is looking for someone, but he doesn't know who she is. The Emily is really not a specific person, but the idea of the girl he is looking for, and has not yet met, hence the "Whenever I May Find Her" in the title.
- Milly, LA, CA
"And when I awoke
and felt you warm and near
I kissed you honey-hair
with my grateful tears" - heart wrenching
I am in love with this song.
- Susan, Westchestertonfieldville, VA
Some of the very good guitar solos of Paul Simon, nice deep lyrics and the close-to-perfect Garfunkel´s voice in the whole song. One of the best I know.
- Mikel, Bilbao, Spain
Despite their rifts over the years, Garfunkel, talented singer that he is, should bend down and kiss the hand of Paul Simon for writing songs like this for him to sing.
- kevin, Reading , PA
Emily is Emily Dickinson. Great song
- michel, toulouse, France
I love the rythym guitar in the last few bars...
- Dean, Sydney,
Beautiful track.
- Chet, Buffalo, NY
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