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She Bangs by Ricky Martin

Album: Sound LoadedReleased: 2000Charted:
  • Martin claims this song is not about sex. The title is a play on the big bang theory - it is a metaphor for the universe. This became much more apparent when Martin came out as gay in 2010.
  • This was written and produced by Desmond Child, who has written hits for many groups, including Bon Jovi, Cher, and Aerosmith. Child also wrote Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca." In our interview with Desmond, he said of working with Martin, "I brought all of my experience with Aerosmith and Bon Jovi and Kiss, Alice Cooper and Joan Jett, to the table creating arena rock songs with a Latin flavor."
  • Martin recorded this in Miami between breaks on his year 2000 US tour.
  • This was the first single from Martin's second English-language album.
  • In 2004, a contestant named William Hung sang this on the TV show American Idol. It was a comically bad performance, and he was berated and mocked by the judges. After the show, however, Hung became a minor celebrity as fan clubs and websites emerged in his honor. He became very popular at the University of California in Berkeley, where he was a student.
  • The song's music video became an MTV hit, receiving heavy rotation on the channel.
    Before he became famous as an actor in films such as G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Dear John, Channing Tatum appeared in the clip as a dancer in the background. He recalled to MTV News in 2010: "It was one of those [things] we did it in, like, a weekend. It was crazy three days at the Atlantis resort. It was like, 500 girls and four guys. It was insane. My life wasn't so bad."
  • When third season American Idol runner-up Diana DeGarmo was in 7th grade she met song-writer Desmond Child through a friend of a friend. She told Billboard magazine about the meeting.: "We went to his huge house in Miami and I didn't really understand who he was. Now I understand that he has written for Bon Jovi and Ricky Martin and so many great artists. He gave me songs to listen to and some of the stuff I was never able to work on. Some of those were too adult, but now his songs work for me because I'm a little bit older now.
    He's very into signs, like if you're an Aquarius or Pisces and he always talked to me about being a Gemini and he said, 'I bet you have a bad side.' I told him, 'Personally, I've never seen a bad side of me.'
    He loved to talk to me about my sign and after he'd come out of one of his writing sessions, he told me, 'We just wrote this great hit for Ricky Martin and we put in a line about you. When you hear it, you'll definitely know it was about you.'
    I completely forgot about it, but four months later, I'm in my car with my mom and all of a sudden, I hear, 'This is Ricky Martin's new song, "She Bangs'!"' And it's like, 'She bangs, she bangs,' and then it goes, 'She switches sides like a Gemini,' and I said, 'Mom, that was about me!'"
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Comments: 10

The really poor lyrics ruined an otherwise good song. That's one of the reasons why so many people laughed when Willian Hung slaughtered it on "American Idol."Mike - Santa Barbara, Ca
To anybody thinking about listening to Ricky's version, just know that William Hung's is much better. William Hung is a musical genius!Fremont - Concord, Nh
This song is so so cheesy!! Originally this song had to be renamed and re-written because some of lines were criticised as having too much sexual context in them. In Ricky Martin's term it should have been named He Bangs!Paul - London, England
"she wears me out like a pair of shoes"....forget john lennon, jim morrison and kurt cobain, whoever wrote THIS song is a genius.Matt - Millbrae, Ca
Actually, I preferred William Hung's version.At least it was honestly bad instead of pretending to be great art with a lofty theme. Could someone please tell Ricardo that the stars and planets do not revolve around him?Jude - Thomasville, Ga
charlies right, why would a queer popstar sing sumthing about the origin of the universe? and yeah, all ricky martin video clips r very sexual.Sam - Sydney, Australia
nooo! of course this is not about sex! ow no its a metaphor for the unverse, or something. yeah right. ricky martin is an idiot. a big one. have you ever seen the music video for this? ricky martin is OBSESSED WITH HIS OWN BODY! he probably fists himslef in the shower and touches himslef while on the pot!Charlie - Thomaston, Ct
William hung sang a Plz-make-him-stop verison,Tony!Scott Baddwin - Edmonton, England
i think will will be remembered for this not martinJello - Miamisburg, Oh
William Hung's rendition was genious. Sheer genious. That is all.Tommy - Southboro, Ma
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