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Let The Day Begin


The Call

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This was the theme song to Al Gore's year 2000 Presidential campaign. The band was not asked permission to use it, but welcomed the new publicity.
Democrat Tom Vilsack used this as his campaign song during his 2008 US Presidential Election campaign before monetary constraints forced him to drop out. (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England)
Los Angeles-based rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club covered this song for their first single from their sixth studio album Specter At The Feast. Their version was done as a homage to The Call's lead singer Michael Been, who suffered a fatal heart attack on August 19, 2010 whilst working as a sound engineer at a BRMC concert in Hasselt, Belgium. He was the father of BRMC's guitarist and vocalist Robert Been and was recognized as an honorary fourth member of his son's band.
The Call
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Comments (6):

I guess when it comes to rock music, this song has it all: a simple, yet catchy, tune/chord structure; some b----in', soaring, slide guitar work; a relentless, righteous beat; and a hopeful message, with optimism for the future. Hearing it can make you young at any age. It sure caught my ear the first time I heard it. BTW, Wikipedia has the chart figures for this song as 42 ("UK"), 51 ("US"), 5 ("US Mod"), and 1 ("US Main"); i.e., it reached #1 on the US Mainstream Rock chart. That deserves a notation at the top, I believe.
- Fred, Laurel, MD
Great song! I just re-remembered this, but why did I think it was done by Poi Dog Pondering??? Glad to have rediscovered its rightful source, but now I have to wonder, what did PDP do, at around that time, that caused me to connect this song with them? Looking at their whole discography hasn't struck any bells with me. Oh, well.
- Fred, Laurel, MD
Great song. The CALL were a great band that deserves more credit than it got....
- Jim, Long Beach, CA
I still have the old tape cassette
I can't let go
- niles, Belpre, OH
I was a weekend DJ in college, and I'd start my morning show on Sunday with this song. I had NO listeners, but I had a good time. :)
- Jameson, Lexington, KY
w.........................t.........................f. Al.........................gore........................................sux............................................
- Michael, Tucson, AZ
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