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Da Da Da



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A hit in Europe in 1982, this song became popular 15 years later when it was used in a Volkswagen commercial. The single was rush released in 1997 to capitalize on its new found popularity.
The full name of the song is "Da Da Da du liebst mich nicht du liebst mich nicht aha aha aha," which translated to English as "Da Da Da I don't love you you don't love me aha aha aha." It was shortened to "Da Da Da" when released in the US.
Most of the lyrics are in German (hence the Volkswagen connection), with some English words thrown in.
The Volkswagen commercial that made this famous was called "Sunday Afternoon." I featured 2 young men driving around in a Jetta, picking up an old chair by the side of the road, realizing it smells and dropping it back off, all while this song is playing.

The commercial was one of the first to target a gay audience. Never before did a car commercial show 2 young men riding who might possibly be gay. The ad helped the Jetta grow its sales almost 10% from the previous year. The ad was first shown on the episode of TV show Ellen where the lead character, played by Ellen DeGeneres, comes out as a lesbian.
After the commercial started running, US radio stations began getting requests for this song. They had a hard time finding it, as it was only available on an obscure collection - Sedated In The '80s, Volume 3.
MTV never played the video - possibly because the song wasn't a huge hit in the US, but also because it contains a rather violent scene where a waitress gets stabbed in the back. (thanks, Thomas - Marion, IN)
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Comments (23):

So why is it 'gay' for two guys to merely be looking for furniture for a shared dwelling? For all the commercial shows, they could just as easily have been co-proprietors of a used furniture store.
- esskayess, Dallas, TX
It's OK I just figured it out, I'm pretty sure now it's in 4/4 time, the key of "C" and has a tempo or BPM of "132" Great facts to know for all you musicians out there... :-)
- Jimmy, Waverly, OH
Da Da Da mens "Yes, Yes, Yes" in German, or is it Russin? but anyway do does "Ja, Ja, Ja" does in Dutch. I am studying and learning the Dutch language. ;-)
- Jimmy, Waverly, OH
I've looked and looked and looked and looked, and I cannot find out what key and tempo Da Da Da is played in. Does anybody happen to know this information?
- Jimmy, Waverly, OH
This song was used in the climactic scene of a raunchy 80s teen flick called "Private School for Girls."
- esskayess, Dallas, TX
Another thing is that the first paragraph thingy starts as German, then the last two lines are English, same for the third, but all the lyrics I look up have the the first and third completely in English, what's the deal?
- Sarah, Auckland, New Zealand
Hey, why has nobody mentioned that it was covered for an add for the crackers 'Sa Ka Ta'? Or was that just in New Zealand? It's an awesome song anyways.(=
- Sarah, Auckland, New Zealand
I have the same keyboard that the guy is using. Awesome!!
- Dustin, Tiverton, ON
In 2006 this was used in a Pepsi TV commercial spot in Mexico (DonĀ“t know if in other country too) showing many well known local characters from music and television.
- Javier, Mexico DF, Mexico
"Da da da" is German for "There there there." Put that with the rest of the "I don't love you - you don't love me" stuff and this becomes a weird break-up song.
- Chris, Meridian, ID
I agree it's infuriatingly brilliant in its stupidity. Stephan Remmler recorded several other songs and remains popular in Germany, and did one "followup" to Da Da da called "I don't go to Ooo S A" which utilised the same Casio miniorgan/calculator, but added some yodeling!
- Laurence, Manchester, England
And of course Thibaut had it right from the beginning. (But no, I had to respond before reading everything)
- Martin, Hamburg, Germany
Actually the German is "Ich lieb dich nicht, du liebst mich nicht". The translation in the song facts is right though
- Martin, Hamburg, Germany
It's actually "You don't love me You don't love me", assuming the song fact's german is correct.
- eric, atlanta, GA
I always thought this song was written in the nineties.
- Nathan, Defiance, OH
Dada was an artistic movement started in Switzerland as a reaction to World War I. It was anti-art art. Found-object sculpture, poems made by drawing words randomly out of a hat, pictures that look like cut-and-paste xerox posters from the early punk days. Like Dada, "Da Da Da" has an anti-aesthetic aesthetic: it's everything a pop song shouldn't be, and in doing so becomes a brilliantly catchy pop tune.
- craig, madison, WI
If I am not wrong, it was also used for an Ariston commercial.
- Alan, Singapore, Singapore
The main 'tune' throughout this song is a standard sequence from the miniture Casio keyboard produced in the 80's, also sold by Tandy/Radio Shack.
see -
- Kieron, Perth, Australia
I think Ariston (the white goods manufacturer) also based a commercial around this tune in circa 1990, in which the chorus line went "AR-IS-TON, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on..."
- Dave, Cardiff, Wales
Perfect for 80's pop-culture discussion. Catchy song. Germany should be proud.
- Montgomery, Florence, KY
English lesson for the day: The ad helped [Volkswagen increase its] sales [of the Jetta] almost 10% from the previous year. You grow plants.

That said, I agree with Dave from NZ. It's a stupid song, but catchy.
- Shell, Riverdale, GA
The real German wording is "Ich liebe dich nicht du liebst mich nicht aha" (which means I don't love you you don't love me)
- Thibaut, Brussels, Belgium
Brings a smile to my face EVERY time I hear it! Yeh, it's a stupid song, but brilliant! Was an instant ad to our Saturday night Radio Party Show! Where are "Trio" now?
- Dave, Whangarei, New Zealand
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