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D.O.A. by Bloodrock

Album: Bloodrock 2Released: 1970Charted:
  • This is a morbid song sung from the perspective of a dying man who's just been involved in a plane crash. The full version of the song is over 8 minutes long, but a shorter radio edit became a hit. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Mikey - Ft Worth, TX
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Comments: 7

Dropped acid to D.O.A. in 1971, songs been in my head since...Dave - Marquette Mi
2 of the morbid songs from the 1970's......this one(DOA) and Timothy by the Buoys....about cannabalismRick - Belfast, Me
I was 6 when this song came out, hardly able to grasp death but getting bombarded by its images via the nightly coverage of Vietnam. I was way too curious and stared far too long at the screen, or the harrowing images in Life magazine. This song added to the harrowing milieu of that time, and haunted me for years.Matt - San Francisco, Ca
this song is tragic, gross and makes perfect scence.It is also one of the best songs i've ever heardMackail - Winnipeg, Mb
One of the greatest concerts I ever attended was Bloodrock opening for Grand Funk Railroad in Houston (probably early '70). I didn't know one thing about Bloodrock but was a huge Grand Funk fan, When Bloodrock took the opened and took the stage they set the tone and put on a great show at least as good as GFR. They were great showmen and great artist.Rabitt - Sugar Land, Tx
This was released shortly after the Marshall University's football team plane crash and I have always related it to that.Beth - Charleston, Wv
Isn't it strange how we interpret things differently from each other? I have always believed this song to be about a car crash.."we were flying low, and hit something in the air.." but now I can easily see how it might be an aviation accident. Anyway, love the song even as morbid as it is!Chuck - Concord, Nh
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