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Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men

Album: Who Let The Dogs OutReleased: 2000Charted:
  • This was written by Anslem Douglas, a musician from Trinidad who wrote it two years before The Baha Men recorded it. Various versions were hits in the Caribbean, but The Baha Men toned down the Calypso rhythm to make it more appealing to American listeners.
  • We have yet to meet someone who can remember any words to this song other than the chorus, which is: "Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof." The song does have verses and even a hint of meaning - the lyrics are about disrespectful men who hit on women at a party.
  • Desmond Child helped produce this song. He is a prolific hitmaker who had worked with many artists, including Bon Jovi, Cher, Kelly Clarkson, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper and Joan Jett. His slick production helped make this accessible to a mainstream audience.
  • Considering what a sensation this song was in America, it had a surprisingly low chart position, peaking at just #40. While the song seemed to be everywhere, its omnipresence was due more to cultural references than to record sales or airplay. Few radio stations put the song in rotation, and in this pre-download era, consumers had little interest in owning the single. To put it in perspective of other one hit wonders of the era, Lou Bega's "Mambo No 5 (A Little Bit Of)" made #3, and "Macarena" spent a shocking 14 weeks at #1.
  • At many American sporting events, this was used after the home team made a big play.
  • This caused a spat with the Seattle Mariners baseball team. Catcher Joe Oliver was using it as his theme music, but shortstop Alex Rodriguez wanted to use it. Rodriguez got his way because he was the star. The next year, Rodriquez signed a record $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers.
  • The title became a popular catch phrase in America when it was used in the 2000 World Series between the Mets and Yankees. At one point, an exasperated reporter who was sick of hearing the same questions over and over asked Yankees manager Joe Torre if he knew who let the dogs out.
  • This is very popular with kids. It was voted best video on the Nickelodeon awards.
  • This was used in the movie Rugrats In Paris. The deal was made before the song became a hit.
  • Younger, video-friendly singers were brought in to front the group when it became clear this was a breakout hit for The Baha Men.
  • The Baha Men performed this live on ESPN's Sportscenter in 2000.
  • This won the 2000 Grammy for Best Dance Recording.
  • Rick Carey is the only member of the 9-piece Baha Men not to own a dog. He only owned cats.
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Comments: 28

Oh my name is Thomas Lovesy. Hammond Ontario Canada. Yes it's my family's song but rewritten... changed.Tom - Hammond , On
This is the song my family started. I was given no credit for the song.
the same beat at the beginning. Its about my dogs and who let the dogs out. It was you that let dogs out. It's a family song that was twisted to this, just as I said to Amando, who knew someone that could do something with this... nobody will remember anything but the words who let the dogs out. I was correct.
Tom - Hammond , On
The first 500 times I heard this, it was pretty good. The first 200 times I heard it played at a sporting event, it was still decent. The first 50 times a group of guys claimed that it was obviously about them because they're the wildest people on the planet, it was fine. The 1 time I heard it in The Hangover, it was great. After all of that, it became the single most annoying thing this side of a Macarena/Rickroll sandwich. This song is overused and long past the point where it's still novel. Someone needs to take it out back and shoot it. They shoot lame horses...Jas - Clifton, Tx
This is a great song that helped kick off the 2000's.Daniel Adams - Northumberland, Pa
The Baha men are the best for their who let the dogs out song it never gets boring. They are my most favored band. They rock.Sam - Gardiner, Me
rahul, how can you find it irritating!Ce - Miami, Fl
I think this is a great song, but if you had to listen to this song for a long time it would get on your nerves.
P.S this is one of my favorite songs!
Ce - Miami, Fl
I really liked the song when it came out (I was only in 5th grade, thank god I have better taste in music)Although, I have to say, they're music is upbeat, but I'm thinking about letting their album go. I even have a review on Baha Men at - St. Louis, Mo
dude... when it was realeased i thought it was good.... but after a few days i felt it irritating... very irritating.. the voice, the chorus.... bwah!!!!Rahul - Chennai, India
at the post office the mailmen used to sing along with this tune when it was playing on the radio and then they would hit the street and hope they did not have to run into a was like a ritual before a game or contest or challengeRoman - Barrie, On
I remeber baby sitting my then 4 year old Grand daughter and while she left to go to the "Potty" I'm hearing her sing that silly song while she was doing her thing....... Well I guess that could be concidered a bathroom song for little kids. After all we adults have "Staiway to Heaven" as our "bathroom song" at least that's what a lot of D.J's sayKarl - Akron, , Oh
I LET THE DOGS OUT!Maxwell - Houston, Tx
the worst song ever written, hands down, it totoally ruined alot of films released in 2001/2 MIB:II, Shrek, ect. People couldn't get enough of it, I swear the next time I hear it on the radio I'm never going to listen to that station agian.Tyler - Petaluma, Ca
You know, i was always under the impression that this song was about: (close your eyes, little kids) sex from behind. but i guess thats just me.Matt - Uniontown , Pa
Call me naive.I stiil say that this song is about dogs.:0)Lynn - Honolulu, Hi
Barbie girl is somewhat pallatible, this is the worst song ever by far. Even worse than Achy-Breaky Heart.Nathan - Defiance, Oh
ok one of the most annoying songs ever. behind such favorites as barbie girl, blue (da ba dee) and other europop b.s.Matt - Millbrae, Ca
I love this song. It is a major hit!I am using it for a projectMorgan - Palmer Rapids, Canada
The best use of this song was in "Men In Black 2," as Frank (the dog) is barking to it on the radio.

The phrase was popular in Southern California as a body-slam put-down back in the 1970s.
Keith - Slc, Ut
hah definently one hit wonder, but i got so annoyed when all the little kids at my school kept screaming this wherever i wentDylan - St. Charles, Mo
Three words: ONE HIT WONDERJello - Miamisburg, Oh
This song was actually written by Desmond Child. He came and spoke at my school. He also helped Aerosmith co-write some of their later songs.Belinda - Miami, Fl
the song is about horny men. when they say dogs they r referring to men.Andrew - Brooklyn, Ny
Yeah, there are actually words to the song besides "who let the dogs out?" but no one knows what they are.Nick - Paramus, Nj
MY GOD. people like the baha men? i just thought they were a crappy one hit wonder. They are for people with no love for real music.Brian - Vacaville, Ca
My grandkids loved it in Shrek :-)Deana - Indianapolis, In
who let the dogs out is like really cooooooooooooooooolSetmour - Canberra, Australia
Implication of lyrics in the UK, at least in my head, is that a lot of ugly women have suddenly appeared.Simon - Nowheresville, Az