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Truckdrivin' Neighbors Downstairs (Yellow Sweat) by Beck

Album: Mellow GoldReleased: 1994
  • This song is about stereotypical "white trash" people, who are alcoholic meth-users, who hate each other and aren't afraid to show it. The song begins with a shouting match between a couple of these "truckdrivin' neighbors downstairs." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bert - Pueblo, NM
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Comments: 2

I have the Mellow Gold album from Beck, i havent played it in a longtime since July 2010 and it's really good. the intro of this song begins with those 2 arguing. this October i will play all of Mellow Gold in full, along with a few albums i've got
I've been a Beck fan since I was 10 and this is his finest
Karl - Ingatestone, United Kingdom
The opening sample is of that very fight, and that's where the story begins. Beck recalls, "When I was recording the song in my living room and they were out front screaming at each other and I couldn't...I had to stop recording my song. And it was strange because I was recording the music for the song; I hadn't written words yet. And I couldn't record anymore because they were too loud and I just left. I had to leave 'cause it was too hectic. When I came back I had all this...I had the song and then after they had this argument...it's too bad I lost the tape that has the original argument 'cause the argument went on for 40 minutes. It was unbelievable. I put 2 seconds of it on there. Pretty classic. But somebody out there has it." Another time Beck calls it "a special tape, filled with horrible things that will destroy your destiny if you know what it is."Aaron - Mukilteo, Wa
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