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Down To The Waterline by Dire Straits

Album: Dire StraitsReleased: 1978
  • This song, which runs to 3 minutes 55 seconds, was inspired by an early romance in the life of composer Mark Knopfler. The waterline in question belongs to the River Tyne. Knopfler and his brother David, who also played in the band, were born in Glasgow but grew up in Newcastle. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England
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Comments: 3

Also one of my Top Five !! Every song on it was so Refreshing !!!!Joe - Grants Pass, Or
First of all this self debut DS album is 1 of my all time fav album! I first heard this track when I was in 9th grade and I was dating my first high school love. :) After hearing the lyrics, I told myself what are the odds that Knopfler was talking about someone's romance thru that lryics...didn't know it was his own fling he was talking about. :) 22 some years later, every time I hear this track, it reminds me of my first love and the things we did ("french kisses in the dark end door ways")and places we went (down to the waterline...). The lyrics coincided so very closely to my relationship with that girl...often makes me visualize us walking down a heavily wooded area on misty winter morning....and we are sneaking behind some tree to find each other closely...makes me nostalgic!Rusputtin - Atlanta, Ga
This song was issued as a track on a free 12" vinyl LP with Record Mirror, whereby vouchers had to be cut out and sent to order it.Mark - London, England
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