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Quarter To Three by Gary "U.S." Bonds

Album: Dance 'Til Quarter to ThreeReleased: 1961Charted:
  • Before Bonds recorded this, it was an instrumental by The Church Street Five called "A Night With Daddy G." Bond's manager added lyrics to it and had him record it.
  • Bond's real name is Gary Anderson. His manager changed it so he could use the line "Buy U.S. Bonds." When this song came out, Gary's stage name was just "U.S. Bonds." Pretty clever, but too many people, including lots of DJs, got it wrong and thought it was the name of a group. So he had to make it Gary (U.S.) Bonds on his next record to eliminate the confusion. (thanks, Selrahc - Mumbai, India)
  • Bonds sued Chubby Checker in 1962, claiming he stole this for his song "Dancin' Party." It was settled out of court.
  • This is often covered by Bruce Springsteen, who is a big fan of Bonds. In 1981, Springsteen produced a successful comeback album for Bonds.
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Comments: 5

On February 21st 1961, 'A Night With Daddy G" by the Church Street Five peaked at #11 on Billboard's Bubbling Under the Top 100 chart; it never did make the Top 100 in its instrumental* form...
But when lyrics were added, "Quarter to Three" would enter the Top 100 on May 22nd, 1961 at position #99, and five weeks later on June 26th, 1961 it would peak at #1 {for 2 weeks} and spent 15 weeks on the Top 100...
* Actually "A Night with Daddy G" did have a few lyrics; they were 'Wop Wop, Oh Yeah'; and the song is available on You Tube at
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
Quarter to Three was a monster hit back in 1961 and a fav of teen dance parties & the dance-craze phenomenon at the time. Some of my older cousins bought the single & Bonds' album & I heard it from them & on the AM radios in the Tulsa metro area. I recall that the single 45 rpm sounded muffled and the production quality wasn't so good. Who produced this song? Was it produced in a port-a-potty? Well, after all it was in 1961. They could've used Phil Spector's expertise. Anyway, it made it to #1 despite that deficiency. . But I still love Quarter to Three. And another of Bonds' hits I absolutely go bonkers over is Dear Lady Twist (another of his many Top Ten hits). Check it out. Is Gary Bonds in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame??Elmer H - Westville, Ok
The closing song on Bruce Springsteen's first concert {Providence, RI} of his legendary "Born To Run" tour in 1975...Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
when this song was popular, there were rumors that there were suggestive or even explicit sexual references in the spoken words at the beginning, just before the main part of the song started. I'm surprised this isn't mentioned here.Ron - Philadelphia, Pa
Another great song of his (written by Springsteen) was "Out Of Work", check it out, good stuff.Jay - Atlanta, Ga