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Talking Bird by Death Cab for Cutie

Album: Narrow StairsReleased: 2008
  • Frontman Ben Gibbard told gigwise.com that this song is his favorite track on the new album, as it was one that "just turned out really beautifully" on the first recording.
  • Gibbard expanded to VH1 News on why this is his favorite track: "'Talking Bird' is probably my favorite song on the record because of the way that it came about. The demo that I turned in to the band was just myself and a ukulele. The song as it stands on the record, with the exception of one guitar, is completely live. The vocals are live, everybody is playing live, and I'm very proud of the vocal if only for the fact that I wouldn't have sang the song the way I did if I had a microphone and headphones, and was very conscious of what I was trying to do with the song."
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