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I'm Not Talking by Mose Allison

Album: The Song of Mose AllisonReleased: 1964
  • Allison is an influential Jazz musician. This song, which he wrote, is about how talk is cheap and words can be misinterpreted, so it's better to say nothing at all.
  • The Yardbirds did a popular cover of this song for their 1965 album For Your Love. On their official site, Yardbirds bass player Chris Dreja says of this song: "That's just the band - no guests involved. The track encompasses what great energy the band has. It's got all those little unexpected timing changes and loads of energy. It's just a cracking track, really - I love to play it. It's dead honest - the perfect opener. It's not going to scare people that the Yardbirds have gone all weird. And it says what we are live." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • "Allison," a tribute to Mose Allison, was one of the tracks on The Pixies' 1990 Bossanova album.
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Comments: 2

A local Brisbane band named the Down and Out recorded an incredible version of this in March 1966 with a whammy-bar outro.Andrew - Brisbane, Australia
The UK band The Barcodes are influenced by Mose Allison - http://www.thebarcodes.co.uk well worth a listen...Blake - Walton On The Hill, United Kingdom
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