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That's Amore by Dean Martin

Album: Dean Martin SingsReleased: 1953Charted:
  • One of Dean Martin's most famous songs, "That's Amore" describes love the way they do it in the southern Italy town of Napoli ("Amore" is Italian for "Love"). Filled with passion, the singer compares the feeling to his favorite Italian foods: pizza and pasta fagiole. It's a quirky romantic song poking a bit of fun at Italian stereotypes, something Martin - born Dino Crocetti - had every right to do.
  • The lyrics were written by Jack Brooks with music by Harry Warren. The song first appeared in the 1953 movie The Caddy, starring Martin and his comedy partner Jerry Lewis. In his autobiography, Lewis said that when he and Dean were making The Caddy, the writers left Dean with little to do. Knowing this would increase their already strained relationship, Jerry went behind Dean's back and asked songwriter Harry Warren to write a hit song for Dean to sing in the movie. This was the result. >>
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    Terry - Willmar, MN
  • This has been used in a variety of movies, including Rear Window, Ishtar, Enchanted, Grumpier Old Men, White Chicks and Moonstruck. It's also appeared in the TV shows The Simpsons, Veronica Mars and Friends.
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Comments: 6

Great song. I have the movie The Caddy. That song should have won the Oscar though. I like Secret Love when the song went gold Jerry gave Dean the gold record on the set of The Colgate Comedy Hour.Cherilyn - Houston/beaumont Texas
This song was nominated for Best Song at the 1953 Academy Awards!!! {The song that won was "Secret Love"}Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
My Daddy taught me the words to this song when I was little in White Plains, New York where I grew up. We were at a Italian restaurant when it came on the jukebox and he kept putting quarters in and playing it over and over till he taught it to me. No one could sing it better than Daddy & Dean, Not even Jerry & Dean LOL!
Alice Moyer, White Plains, NY
Alice Moyer - White Plains, Ny
We sing this at weddings, karoke bars and pubs. You can get the crowd at any football game to sing it and I once got half a bus to sing it. I've even sung it in church. And you can't help but smile when singing it. It's an American classic. We know it better than the words to our national anthemLalah - Wasilla, Ak
Very romantic classic.Larry - Coral Springs, Fl
Nice romantic classic. I would imagine many of us who have been "smitten" at one time or another can relate to it. Works just the same in Newcastle, New York, Nashville, Nurnberg, Nairobi or New Delhi as it does in Naples :))Andy - Halesowen, West Midlands, United Kingdom
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