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Nowhere to Run


Martha & the Vandellas

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This is a tale of a woman who knows her boyfriend treats her badly but she can't help but love him.
Along with a tambourine and drums, snow chains were used as percussion for this song.
All the instruments were played by the Funk Brothers, who were session musicians for Motown.
Because of its brassy sound and chorus, this song is one of many which are popular at sporting events, where the original version is played, or a marching band performs it.
The song was particularly popular during the Vietnam War, and was featured in the 1987 film Good Morning, Vietnam. (thanks, Jerro - New Alexandria, PA, for all above)
Janet Jackson intended on recording a remake of this on her 1990 Rhythm Nation 1814 album before being persuaded by her songwriters Jam and Lewis to record a song with a similar beat. The end result was her American chart-topper "Escapade."
Martha & the Vandellas
Martha & the Vandellas Artistfacts
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Comments (6):

Yeoww! That drum intro on "Nowhere To Run" really is tough & cool. Mercy - those snow chains really added some "attitude" to this hit. I'll always love it. Great to dance to. Later that year when I began college, I found it on nearly every jukebox on campus & off campus. It was originally on their "Dance Party" album which my brother bought in '65 & as I recall, the album had some really cool dance songs on it. I can even remember that back in high school one friend always liked to say that if ya didn't get up & dance to this song - you're probably dead.
- Elmer H, westville, OK
I think this is probably the best meshing of Martha, H-D-H and the funk brothers. Gospel rooted, extremely funky, extremely sexy. Singular.
- Buddah, New York, NY
This song was a centerpiece in the classic 1978 cult film THE WARRIORS.
- John, Nashville, TN
Martha and the Vandellas presented this song on a CBS special entitled "It's What's Happening, Baby" on June 28, 1965 - In what could be called the early form of the music video, they were shown singing the song at a Ford Automobile Plant, dancing and bouncing to the song while a 1965 Ford Mustang was being built around them.
- Kristin, Bessemer, AL
LOVE THAT ROUSING DRUM INTRO! and the snow chains "whipping" throughout the tune - magnificient!
- Kristin, Bessemer, AL
A classic love obsession song! Who doesn't this song?
- Tanya, La Verne, CA
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