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Sweet Pea


Tommy Roe

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This proved to be a comeback single for Roe as it was his first Top 40 hit in two years and was recorded after he finished a stint in the army. Roe was known for his fun, upbeat Pop songs (often derided by critics as "Bubblegum"), and this one is no exception - it's about asking a girl to dance. Our hero succeeds not only in dancing with Sweet Pea, but also in bringing her outside for a walk where he asks if she'll be his girl. Roe wrote the song himself. (thanks, Jerro - New Alexandria, PA)
The song was recorded in Los Angeles with some of the top studio musicians of the day: Ben Benay and Mike Deasy on guitar, Jerry Scheff on bass, Jim Troxel and Toxie French on drums, and Butch Parker and Mike Henderson on keyboards.
Tommy Roe
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Comments (3):

On June 5th 1966, "Sweet Pea" by Tommy Roe entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #90; and on July 24th it peaked at #8 (for 2 weeks) and spent 14 weeks on the Top 100...
And on August 1st it reached #1 (for 1 week) on the Canadian RPM Top Singles chart and #7 in Australia...
Between 1962 and 1973 he had twenty-two records make the Top 100; with six made the Top 10 and two reaching #1, "Sheila" (for 2 weeks in 1962) and "Dizzy" (for 4 weeks in 1969)...
Mr. Roe celebrated his 72nd birthday one month ago on May 9th, 2014.
- Barry, Sauquoit, NY
Yep, this is a light-hearted song & big hit for Tommy Roe from 1966. And the music scene at the time had a very wide variety of song genres (bubblegum, instrumental, folk-rock, pop, R&B, country-rock, psychedlic, rock/blues, etc.). So, for this to make the Top Ten really speaks loads. One of my sisters had this single in '66 because she had a hot crush on Tommy Roe. Well, uh, so did one of my male counsins too. But that's how it goes some times. haaaa
- Raunchy, Tulsa, OK
Great bubblegum!!!! Song was often sampled in hip hop (MC LYTE)and acid house (Pychic TV) and many others. Had this 45 as a child and I still rock it to this day.
- Minna, Joplin, MO
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