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Hooray for Hazel


Tommy Roe

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This was one of Roe's self-penned hits, the tale of this song is similar to Bob Kuban and the In-Men's hit "The Cheater," only this time the "cheater" is a girl (the title role). Hazel wins the hearts of every man and then mistreats them all. The narrator (who happens to be one of her victims) predicts that all the hurt she caused will soon come right back at her. (thanks, Jerro - New Alexandria, PA)
Many of Roe's songs were recorded in Nashville or Muscle Shoals, but his later work was done in Los Angeles with some of the top West Coast musicians. The players on this track were the same ones he used for "Sweet Pea," and included Ben Benay and Mike Deasy on guitars and Jerry Scheff on bass.
Tommy Roe
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Comments (4): Aviary's masochistic "Feel The Heart" ( in which the narrator predicts the "cruel girl" will run through all available boys, to eventually return to him.
- Matt,, MI
There could be an association with the TV series "Hazel" in the mind of a child (there was in mine) but the sexy girl in the song, and the middle-aged live-in domestic (based on the comic strip by Ted Key) share nothing but a name in common. It wasn't a very popular name at the time, so it was easy to see why an association was made. The serial cheater who gets hers is a common pop song trop, from Frankie Sardo's Fake Out ( in which Betty Lou comes back to one of her victims, the narrator, only to be rebuffed...
- Matt,, MI
I've always loved this. Very catchy song, and last top ten Tommy Roe song until January 1969's #1 "Dizzy".
- Steve, Whittier, CA
Actually, in both "The Cheater," and this song, the wrongdoer is the woman. Also, if memory serves, at the time this song was released, some thought it was about the lead character of a TV sitcom titled Hazel.
- ted, phoenix, AZ
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