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Paegan Love Song by Acid Bath

Album: Paegan Terrorism TacticsReleased: 1996
  • Lead singer Dax Riggs: "It's kind of weird. We went to Florida and we met these beach bums out on the beach. I think it was cocoa beach. Anyway, they were like 'yeah man, we've got these psychedelics. You want some?' And we were like, sure. I grabbed the bottle - it was an antifreeze container full of this stuff - and I just guzzled it. I thought it was mushrooms and it turned out to be angel trumpets, which some people in Florida died from taking. We all did it and within a couple minutes of taking it, I passed out on the beach. I was just laying there. I woke up and it was so weird. It f--ked us up for days. That's really what 'Dying felt so goddamn good today' is all about. I'm not a Christian and I'd like to get more of that across because I think the Pagan beliefs are more peaceful. You give thanks to everything, the sun, the moon, everything." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Danial - Sacramento, CA
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