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Landing In London (All I Think About Is You) by 3 Doors Down

Album: Seventeen DaysReleased: 2005
  • In this ballad, Brad Arnold sings about being away from someone and missing that person terribly. It's likely inspired by his constant touring with the band. >>
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    Heather - Marine City, MI
  • Bob Seger sings on this. Arnold explained how this happened to Hip Online: "We were in Nashville recording and he was working across the hall on a project and we got to talking to him. He was a super cool guy and a freaking legend. I love Bob Seger. I was to chicken to ask him to sing on the record so I had our manager go and ask him. So he took it over to him and he came back two days later and said he'd sing on it. I'm probably more proud of that then meeting the president."
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this is an amazing song. i like the acoustic version even better then the one seventeen days.Oliver - Atlanta, Ga
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