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Headstrong by Trapt

Album: TraptReleased: 2003Charted:
  • This song seems to be about a guy who is in a relationship with a girl he doesn't want to be with for the long haul. He wants to leave, but she just won't let him go. "Headstrong" means "Stubborn," which describes her. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Catrencella - Mooresboro, NC
  • This was the first single by Trapt. It's a pretty aggressive song, and has been used in various video games and as the entrance music for some pro wrestlers and fighters.
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Comments: 11

To me the song is about couple of dudes that are supposed to be Business Partners and they're starting as Partners but then the one dude who didn't have any understanding or concept of the business takes it all over and kind of pushes the other dude out takes all of his clientele and basically leaves so-called partner in the dust text the guy with the ideas clientele and then rubs it in the other guys face how much money he's making and the other guys like back off or take you on I'm headstrong to take on anyone I know that you are wrong for doing what you did and I'm headstrong and this is not where you belong and I won't give everything away I'm not going to give all my ideas away I can't give all my ideas away and says I see you're full of s--t exactly .... It's all about a narcissistic mother f--ker who takes the other dudes ideas and then decide I don't need him and f--k him over thats what its about damn it! And it relates exactly to my situation!Adam - Boulder, Co
I find member's interpretations fascinating. It's difficult to ascertain when a songwriter writing a song such as "Headstrong" is using realistic description or metaphore. "Headstrong" seems to me to be a guy who has a girlfriend who has grown apart and wants to do something that he doesn't want to do. Some guys want control and want to dictate their mate's behavior. I like the song because it gives me impetus to continue with what I'm going through and how I'm reacting to situations. Headstrong to take you on. I'm being mistreated and it has been going on a long time. These days I'm nearly coming to blows with people. Example: some guy was in a large parking lot going slowly in his car with people in cars in back of him waiting patiently for him to park or get the hell out of the way. He was talking on his cell phone and like most cell phone users are totally absorbed in the conversation and blind to driving. I was walking and I reminded the guy that driving and using a cell phone is illegal. We exchange insults. He drove away. I remember this song and I continue my course. Alone, trying to stop the abuse and trying to gain respect. People are fools and will make judgements based on the "gang" mentality. Stay the course. Be headstrong.Jim - Enid, Ok
when i hear it i imagine an angry teenager whos parent are telling and guiding him into a certain direction but he wants something different. and the teenager is rebelling and saying hes ready to take on his parent and that hes headstrong (stubborn) enough to stand up for this forever.Katherine - Richmond, Va
thats very true john. but i dont think thats wat the songs about. i can never get enough of this song. another good song by trapt is hollowmanTerry - Cortez, Co
John, wth? Whats with the long comment? ...In anycase... This song is awesome and no matter how many times i call or text radio stations i never hear it enought!Kelsey - Rustburg, Va
I like this song alot and even though i cant relate to it i love rocking out & headbanging to it lolShannon - Kalkaka, Mi
My opinion is thatit could be about a guy whos girlfriend or wife only wants him for his money or fame be it the case like the line I see your motives inside thatr hes finally seeing her for what she is.This song gives me such a rush I listen to it before every football gameKory - El Paso, Tx
uh...yeah...this song's great for lifting. trapt's great.Dan - Scranton, Pa
I thing this could be about the baptist/evangelical religion and someone finally coming to the truth. now not all churches are bad and judgmental but there are some out there that are very scary. churches that completely condem the entire world. this could be a song for a child who is raised in that culture.

"Circling your, circling your, circling your head
Contemplating everything you ever said
Now I see the truth I got a doubt
A different motive in your eyes
And now I'm out, see you later"

"circling your head contemplating everything you ever said"- after you have heard so much of the reasoning that preachers use you will start to see how it doesn't add up.

"Now I see the truth I got a doubt
A different motive in your eyes" - now you have heard it all and finally see the truth. how could any logical man believe in this? there must be another reason why it is preached! you can tell when people are fake. there is something more to this religion. it is here to control you with fear!

"And now I'm out, see you later" - it all makes sense so much that you are absolutely sure that you can not be wrong. so you leave that way of thinkging for good. you may not leave physicaly but you leave intellectualy.

"I see your fantasy
You want to make it a reality paved in gold
See inside, inside of our heads, yeah
Well, now that's over"

"I see your fantasy
You want to make it a reality paved in gold" - people in these religions have a fantasy of heaven and living without an ened. specically in christianity there will be a kingdom with streets paved with gold.

"See inside, inside of our heads, yeah
Well, now that's over" - note that it says 'heads' plural. deep inside our heads we fear death and wish for immortality. no man wants this life to be the end. we all want to live forever. it's not logical. there is no way you could believe in that religion anymore once you have come to the truth. so the religion is over for you.

"I see your motives inside
Decisions to hide" [the song could be addressed to mutiple people. (A) the people running the show in the religion. (B) the mindless people who follow.]

I think this line is refering to the people running the show. "I see your motives inside" - meaning that they have a hidden agenda or one motive and that would be to make money.

"Decisions to hide" - now my first take on this line would lead me to believe that this song must be about a cheating girlfriend because it's a popular subject.

"your motives inside, decisions to hide" - in these baptist churches the deny themselves every human desire. they seriously exist I have wittnesed it. for example: music ingeneral, movies, tv, sex, playing cards, dancing etc.

motives inside = making money
decisinons to hide = things they do that they preach against.

"Back off, I'll take you on" - in these churches they have all kinds of reasonings of why they are right and people actualy believe it. they even try to use science to prove their religion is right. but the worst part is that they try to make you feel guilty or feel bad so that you can repent. nothing wrong with that unless it is for challenging their reasoning. when they try to make you feel bad for trying to think outside of their religion then you can say back off!

"Headstrong to take on anyone" - well once you have seen it all for what it is you have learned how to use logic. there is no way for anyone to convince you otherwise. you are now headstrong, you are using your own brain to logicaly make decisions.

"I know that you are wrong" - they preach that everything is sinful but you know that religion is wrong. it has been at the core of many wars.

"And this is not where you belong" - Now that you can use your brain. you have learned how to use logic. you don't belong in this religion. you belong with people who can use their brain. it's interesting in this part of the song "where you belong" changes the tone of the voice and almost highlights "where you belong" which would isolate it and make it a separate statement all together. this could stimulate the thought where do I belong?

"I can't give everything away
I won't give everything away" - not sure how this could relate to religion. but jesus asks you to deny yourself. preachers often have sermons on giving up your life to Jesus. In marrige you are required to give everything and they also preach against prenuptual agreements.

"Conclusions manifest, your first impressions'
Got to be your very best
I see your full of s--t and that's alright
That's how you play, I guess you get through
Every night, well now that's over" - now who isn't on there very best when you first go out on a date? or when you first meet somone? everybody is decietful when they first start dating. even though this looks like a relationship between a man and woman I'm gonna take a bit further.

ok so to really get into these baptist churches you have to on your very best or people will judge and write you off as another sinner...craziness...but once you are in then you can really see that there is nothing supernatural going on and it is all just a way to control people. and I am not saying that there is really anything wrong with that unless you are using religion to justify war which it does quite often. but I am sure that these crazy baptist churches have kept people out of trouble. but you know that's why we have laws and police.

so this song could look like it is about a bad relationship but it could be packing more than we realize. it could definately stir up kids to reject the religion their family has froced upon them. well that's my abstract interpretation of this song.
John - Stroudsburg, Pa
Hmm, Landon i can definately see what you are trying to say there.. It reminds me of a relationship i had where i was always arguing, and she cheated me..Anthony - Cape May, Nj
This is just my two-cent opinion, but I think this song is about a man who's in a sexually abusive relationship with his wife "I see your fantasy - You want to make it a reality paved in gold."Landon - Winchester, Oh
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