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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise) by The Beatles

Album: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandReleased: 1967
  • This is an upbeat reprise of the first song and title track of the album. A "concept album," it was produced as if Sgt. Pepper's was a real band.
  • This song was produced in a rush when The Beatles decided to bring back the theme song to introduce the last track on the album, "A Day In The Life." The idea to reprise the song came from Neil Aspinall, The Beatles' friend and road manager.
  • The audience sounds were dubbed in to make it sound live.
  • John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison shared lead vocals.
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Comments: 34

Like this one better then the one starting it off. And love Ringo's drumming.Jennifur Sun - Ramona
In the intro, you can hear,
But if you isolate the vocals, you can here, "Twist it. What? Twist it. Ah. Shake it"
Sean - Cranston, Ri
I like Paul McCartney's cover of it in back in the u.s.Veve - Lorain, Oh
Sgt Pepper Reprise is a reappearance of introductory theme of Sgt Pepper and then is cross-faded with crowd applause into "A Day in the LifeGiovanni - Lynhurst, Nj
Amazing, Ringo kicks ass. Hell they all do!Freddy - Miami, Fl
When Paul is counting in, it sounds like someone says "I know" under "two".K - Nowhere, On
Aspinall said that in every Beatles live show, before the last number, they'd thank the audience and announce that they were going to do their last song. He suuggested that since this album was supposed to be in lieu of a live show, they come up with a song that would do the same thing.Ken - Louisville, Ky
Just before they go into the vamp at the very end, leading into "A Day In The Life", you can hear John say "Bye" very softly.Reed - New Ulm, Mn
At the very end of the song, I hear John saying something like "hold my guitar for me" and Paul saying "Sgt. Pepper's Band!"Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
LOVe the beat. Go Ringo!Rosario - Naples, Fl
Great song. It's better than the first version!Matthew - Melbourne, Australia
I love the reprise, it's so lively. Especially when they say "one and only lonely hearts club band", it almost sounds as if it were a live, spontaneous little add-in.Maha - Auckland, New Zealand
This song sounds a lot like Jimi Hendrix in guitar tone and it features progressive tonality a trait the Beatles exhibited in many of the songs of this time period.Joe - Montvale, Nj
The first reprise song of rock music and intrestingly there is three seperate versions of Sgt Peppers the title song,the reprise and the Sgt Pepper Inner Groove most likely the first hidden track in rock.
Sal - Bardonia , Ny
I disagree. The 1st one is much better than the reprise.Daniel - Cincinnatti, Or
I like the original best but they're both pretty similair.Jon - Oakridge, Or
during the Paul McCartny is Dead Hoax it was rumoured that teh bye inbetween the 3 and the 4 was johns way of saying goodbye to paulMatt - Leicester, England
It's actually John saying, "Look up....bye". The 'look up' part is barely audible, but nonetheless there.Kevin Murphy - Ridgewood, Nj
I always thought it was George saying "bye". Whoever it is, I love that part. Fabulous album!Joe - Lethbridge, Canada
I agree with everyone else here. The reprise is better than the standard. Both are great, but the reprise is still better.Ian - Lethbridge, Canada
This is like a modern beat...groundbreaking.Linus - Hamilton, On, Canada
Pepper was also recorded in mono. The mix is different on this track and the 'bye' part is much easier to hear.Don - Newmarket, Canada
This is so much better than the regular verison. I love this concept album.Deo - Annandale, Va
John can be heard at the beginning counting to four, and someone else (rumors are Paul) saying bye, as if telling the audience they are getting to leave. The original album was compiled in such a way that all the songs lead seamlessly into each other (this song follows "Good Morning, Good Morning"), the audience sounds dubbed in, and the background sound effects, making it sound like this album was recorded at a live concert.Patrick - Tallapoosa, Ga
I love the feel of this song, its very rocky and strong. It has a bigger/heavier feel to it, to be honest, i like it better then the original.Gregor - Toronto, Canada
I have noticed that there are some voices in the first 18 seconds or so speaking very quietly. Does anyone know what they are saying?Ron - Kansas City, Mo
Calum, I thinks he's saying "lonely hearts band". Very kool idea to ends it this way before a very kool song(A Day In The Life).Mauricio - Hanford, Ca
I have an 'anorak' question, aka 'spotter' in British as opposed to US English. Anyway - does anyone know what Paul is shouting in the background as this song fades out (the words sung are 'hearts club band')?Calum - Edinburgh, Scotland
On the U.S. 8-track release of the "Sgt. Pepper" album, this song was artificially lengthened by editing in a repeat of the verse. This was done to accommodate the goofy 8-track format, which demanded that all four tracks of the tape be as close to the same length as possible, so there wouldn't be a big gap of silence at the end of the last one.Mike - Youngstown, Oh
The reprise is the better one.Don - Philadelphia, Pa
Brilliant idea to reprise the title track. I can hardly believe it wasn't part of the original plan.Paulo - New York, Ny
The reprise is better than the opening with the same name.Tyson - Ruidoso, Nm
The anthology version has more of a rock "kick" to it.Greg - Little River, Sc
I love the reprise, especially when they say "Sgt. Pepper's One and Only Lonely Hearts Club" really fast.Jason Lee - New York, Ny
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