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The Snake by Al Wilson

Album: Searching for the DolphinsReleased: 1968Charted:
  • In this song, Wilson sings about a woman who finds a worn-down snake on the streets. She takes him in and cares for him, but instead of showing gratitude, he bites her. She is understandably upset, but he reminds her that she knew he was a snake when she took him in.
  • Wilson was a popular Soul singer who had his biggest hit in 1973 with "Show And Tell."
  • This was produced by Johnny Rivers, who signed Wilson to his Soul City record label. Rivers is known for his 1966 hit "Secret Agent Man."
  • In 2008, this was used in British TV commercials for Lambrini perry.
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Comments: 1

This song is a parable -- a fictional tale that relates, by analogy, a basic truth of life. In this case, it's a warning that there are some entities/creatures/people out there in the presence of which you must never let your guard down. Put another way, there is some evil in the world which no amount of kindness, helpfulness, accommodation, or capitulation will placate. A disturbing message, certainly, but one that needs to be pointed out sometimes.Fred - Laurel, Md
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