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Rascalize by The Rascals (UK)

Album: RascalizeReleased: 2008
  • Drummer Greg Mighall told the New Musical Express that the title was thought up by frontman Miles Kane. He explained: "The song came from the world, Miles just said it once to someone and we all thought 'we should do a tune around that.' It was on the last day of recording so we just had enough time to record the tune. We came out of the end of it and it was just 'f--king hell,' it was one of those and it's good having just a big massive tune. It's a big statement at the beginning of the album, it's a good start."
    He added: "It's just us, let's have it! You can be rascalized according to Miles, but it's not in the dictionary yet. We should campaign to get it in."
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