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Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade

Album: A Twist In My StoryReleased: 2008Charted:
  • John Vesely (AKA Secondhand Serenade) told MTV about this ballad: "'Fall For You' was actually the first song I wrote on the piano. I was practicing, and I started to hear a melody in my head. And two hours later, it was done. It was really easy to write because it was about something that was going on with my life at the time. The song is really about a relationship slowly deteriorating to a point where it seems that there is absolutely no way to save it. It takes you through the various stages of the relationship up until the point where it seems useless to go on and then something happens. You see a glimpse of what your life would be like without that person and you realize how much you need them.
    I really love this song because its very realistic. It definitely has it's dark side. I tend to write like that a lot. If I sugarcoat my songs then I'm not really writing the truth. There is a lot of pain in life, and you have to experience it in order to enjoy the few moments that life feels perfect. It's totally worth it in my opinion."
  • This was produced by Butch Walker (Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects).
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Comments: 10

I love this song, but at the moment it is bittersweet because my boyfriend and I our not in the best place right now and I dont know if we will get pass it so this song made me think a lot about the place I am at about it.Jasmine - Anderson,ca
This song makes me cry. I have no clue why. It amazes me every time I hear it.Olivia - Aurora, Il
I love this song. That's all I have to say. ((((:Torrie - Moghetto, California ((:, Ca
this is the second best song that they have made, after your callNathan Ritz - Paoli, In
Perfect song. It's me and my boyfriend's. <3Tayluur - Binghamton, Ny
i enjoy this song i play it to veg out from realityRhys - Gold Coast, Australia
I don't like this song much at all. I'm not a big fan of the band either. It's too intense when it seriously shouldn't be. I don't know. I just don't like it.Clarissa - Martinsburg, Wv
this song is god-awful. it's the reason top-40 radio is in the crapper. it's whiny, depressing, and took no talent whatsoever to compose or perform. if it weren't for angst-ridden teenagers it would occupy the place it belongs - in the annals of terrible and unpopular musicJim - Toledo, Oh
I love this song!! I hear it all the time on the radio and i sing to it every time. it never gets old. I apply it to this guy that i like a lot. So this is really my favorite song right now!Rachel - Austin, Tx
This song reminds me of a guy who I have feelings for. Which is so weird because it doesn't fit for us at all. The chorus does, though.Sarah - Burlington, Vt
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