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Electric Blue by Icehouse

Album: Man Of ColorsReleased: 1987Charted:
  • This is the Australian group's biggest hit in the United States. In it, a man thinks he has a chance at the love of a woman who seems to be above his station. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Mike - Santa Barbara, CA
  • "Icehouse" is Australian slang for an insane asylum. The group had one other US hit a few months earlier with "Crazy," which charted at #14. They were much more popular in their native Australia, where "Electric Blue" was a #1 hit and continues to get airplay.
  • John Oates of the duo Hall & Oates wrote this with Icehouse lead singer Iva Davies. In 1986, Hall & Oates split up to pursue other interests; Daryl Hall released his second solo album that year, while Oates worked as a producer and songwriter. They reunited in 1988, releasing the album Ooh Yeah!.
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Comments: 4

The model in the video is Cassandra Delaney who was married to John Denver from '88-'93.Albert - Alberta
I just love this song! The lyrics are excellent!Krista - Chicago, Il
I agree, Travis, the 80s were filled with little gems like this one. I always liked the song.Camille - Toronto, Oh
Great song! God the 80's were filled with little gems like this one. I still of the lines "Oh I had a dream, For a moment I believed it was true
Oh I'd have given anything just to be there with you
Are you hiding somewhere behind those eyes?"
Travis - Grandisland, Fl
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